200+ Amazing Care Package Ideas For Your Next Box

Asides chatting over the phone or playing fun games over text, you can go one step further by sending your long distance person a care package.

Care packages are a great way to show how special and important someone is to you.

Whether it is a significant other in college, a boyfriend in the army, a sibling, a best friend that moved away, a sick friend or neighbor or an even for a homeless person, care packages are a great way to show you care.

However, when it comes to sending care packages, the biggest problem you would face is deciding on the items to include in the box.

In this post, I will be sharing some great care package ideas, hopefully, these care package ideas will help you fill your care boxes quicker.

care package ideas

Beauty Care Package Ideas

Sending a care package to a beauty lover? Someone who loves to look and smell clean? So if you are thinking of beauty items to put in a care package, here are some popular choices as well as the essentials to include in your box:

  1. Hand Sanitizer Lotion
  2. Cleansing Facial Wipe
  3. Coconut Oil
  4. Tweezers and Razors
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Manicure and Pedicure Kit
  7. Hairspray
  8. Face Masks
  9. Foot Lotions
  10. Cotton balls
  11. Deodorant
  12. Shower Gel
  13. Shaving Cream
  14. Lip Balm
  15. Colored contact lenses
  16. Bath Oils
  17. Face moisturizer
  18. Face Wash
  19. Shampoo and Conditioner
  20. Hand Cream
  21. Cleansing oil for dry skin
  22. Vaseline
  23. Acne Cream
  24. Curling tongs
  25. Hair mask for dry hair
  26. Hair thickening products
  27. Gel nail kits
  28. Teeth whitening kits
  29. Fragrances and Colognes
  30. Nail File

School Care Package Ideas

Got a young adult away at college? A sibling, maybe even a friend? Students in college could always use a care package, especially one packed with all the right items. Here are a couple of care package ideas for someone in college or any other school:

  1. A pack of highlighters
  2. Socks
  3. Energy Bars
  4. Flip-flops
  5. Vitamins
  6. Envelopes and stamps
  7. Notebooks
  8. Instant Coffee
  9. Cough Syrup
  10. Room Freshener
  11. Over-the-counter painkiller like Ibuprofen
  12. Sleep Mask
  13. Noise canceling headphones
  14. Sticky Notes
  15. Laundry Detergent
  16. Fabric Softener
  17. Colorful straws and napkins
  18. Table clock
  19. Binder
  20. Glue sticks
  21. Colored markers
  22. Safety pins
  23. Safety scissors
  24. Pencil box
  25. Calculator

Work Care Package Ideas

Sending someone a work-themed care package does not require any special occasion. However, most work-related care packages are sent to someone who is starting their first job, a new job, or someone who got promoted or transferred to another city. Here are some of the most thoughtful items to include in an office care package:

  1. Mini wall organizer
  2. Notepads
  3. Coffee Mug
  4. Cufflinks
  5. Internet modem
  6. Stain Removal Pens
  7. Floss
  8. Gum
  9. Hand Lotion
  10. Journals
  11. Pocket Mirror
  12. Set of colored pens
  13. Creamer for coffee
  14. Breath Spray
  15. Business card holder
  16. Wooden desk organizer
  17. Stamp and Ink Pad
  18. Photo frame
  19. Desk timer
  20. Magnets for boards
  21. Office pins
  22. Mist Humidifier
  23. Mini pocket notebooks
  24. Fortune cookies
  25. Keychain

Entertainment Care Package Ideas

A care package cannot be said to be complete if it doesn’t include items that can help the recipient kill boredom. The following are some fun items you can include in a care package:

  1. Crosswords
  2. Puzzles
  3. Solitaire cards
  4. Favorite movie poster
  5. Gift certificate
  6. Gaming Headset
  7. Book club subscription
  8. Movie tickets
  9. Game console
  10. Headphones
  11. iTunes Gift Card
  12. Face Paint
  13. Party Noisemaker for special events
  14. Magazines
  15. Concert Tickets
  16. Music box set
  17. Cookbook
  18. Netflix Gift Cards
  19. Music Player; iPod
  20. Novels

Food Care Package Ideas

Got a foodie in your life? One with an overly sweet tooth? Here are some wonderful treats to include in his/her care package:

  1. Hot cocoa
  2. Teabags
  3. A jar of skittles
  4. A box of chocolates
  5. Dried Herbs
  6. Beef Jerky
  7. Instant Oatmeal
  8. Granola Bars
  9. Pop Tarts
  10. Canned Fruits
  11. Iced Tea
  12. Crackers
  13. Peanut Butter
  14. Dried Fruits
  15. Potato Chips
  16. Canned Pasta
  17. Mints
  18. Bag of mini marshmallows
  19. Cookies
  20. Tuna Fish
  21. Canned Chicken
  22. Sausage
  23. Ketchup
  24. Mustard
  25. Honey
  26. Nutella
  27. Vegetable Chips
  28. Bottled fruit juice
  29. Yogurt
  30. Instant soup

Outdoor Care Package Ideas

Got a hiking buddy? A workout or sports fanatic? Or just someone adventurous in your life who enjoys being surrounded by nature more than anything else? Here are some great outdoor gifts or items to include in a care package:

  1. Mini baggies with ziplock
  2. Compass
  3. Band-Aids
  4. Mini Globe
  5. Foam fingers
  6. Flashlight
  7. Cyclist’s GPS
  8. Duct Tape
  9. Passport Holder
  10. Phone Lamp
  11. Glow-In-The-Dark Playing Cards
  12. Water filtration straw
  13. Hand warmers
  14. Snowboarding socks
  15. Night-vision trail camera
  16. Pocket-size travel blanket
  17. Plastic outdoor wine glasses
  18. Bendable LED light rope
  19. Map Napkins
  20. Fly Swatters
  21. Disposable camera
  22. Bug spray
  23. Foot powder
  24. Face cap
  25. Anti-bug balm

Tech Care Package Ideas

Know a geek who deserved to be spoilt? One absolutely obsessed with the technology of the 21st century? Here are some gadget ideas for the next care package you send out to them:

  1. Power Bank
  2. Batteries
  3. USB organizers
  4. Smartphone stand
  5. Alarm clock
  6. Home security camera
  7. Power strip
  8. Adaptor
  9. Mini Bluetooth speakers
  10. Portable charger
  11. Selfie stick
  12. Phone dock
  13. USB microphone
  14. GPS watches for runners
  15. Camera lens
  16. Car charger
  17. Portable wireless stereo
  18. Tablet
  19. Mini VR viewer
  20. Smartwatch
  21. Handheld media player
  22. USB drive
  23. Tech gloves
  24. Portable WiFi hot-spot
  25. Streaming stick
  26. Fitness Tracker
  27. E-reader
  28. Electric Toothbrush
  29. Wireless Folding Keyboard

DIY Care Package Ideas

Want to make something sentimental and sweet? A personalized gift, or just something they would always remember you with? Here are a couple of the best ideas that would easily fit into your care package box:

  1. Open when letters
  2. A DIY greeting card
  3. Pictures of recent events
  4. Handmade letters and drawings
  5. DIY Headbands
  6. DIY charm bracelets
  7. DIY sugar lip scrub
  8. DIY Strawberry lip balm
  9. DIY Colorful mini bowls
  10. DIY Yarn ball bookmarks
  11. Hair ribbons
  12. DIY pencil pouch
  13. DIY cosmetic bag
  14. PomPom keychain
  15. Bead Headband
  16. DIY necklace
  17. DIY birthday banner
  18. Homemade brownies
  19. DIY Vintage Teacup Candle
  20. A sign with a favorite quote
  21. DIY jewelry box

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And that’s it, 200+ of best Care Package Ideas to include in your next package. Now, go ahead and build your own care package.

Now, we’d love to know – have you ever sent anyone a care package, what did you include in them and how was the person’s reaction when they got your care package?