200+ Splendid New Mom Care Package Ideas

Bringing a new life into the world is one of the most physically exhausting experience a female can go through, and when it’s all over, a care package is a beautiful way to celebrate a new mom.

The tough part is usually deciding on what exactly she’d love to receive in her Care Package and what items should be left out.

A smart way to go about this is by first purchasing items that can easily be classified as her needs and wants. What’s her favorite snack when she’s stuck on bed rest? What items would help her feel less bored? What kind of clothing are most comfortable?

If you’re still short of ideas, here is our list of 200+ New Mom Care Package Ideas to choose from!

How to Make a Care Package for a New Mom

New Mom Care Package Ideas

  • Set a budget highlighting how much you plan on spending on your care package items, packaging, and shipping of your package.
  • Consider what items are healthy and what items should be avoided.
  • Keep your edibles away from any substance that could contaminate it (perfumes, creams, oils) and give it an unpleasant taste and smell.
  • To give your care box an attractive look, you can choose to decorate your box with colorful tissues, ribbons, and markers. Also, remember to tape your box securely before dropping it off.
  • For a care package for a new mom who resides in your country, you can have the package delivered to her directly or sent through a delivery service.
  • A Care Package box can be purchased from your post office or an online shipping company.
  • Apart from shipping regulations, if you’re sending your box overseas, details such as the shipping date would be communicated to you.
  • You might be required to fill a customs form and information like your address, the receiver’s address and a list of the care box’s content would be requested.

Essentials for New Mom Care Package

Essentials for New Mom Care Package

Wondering what exactly you shouldn’t forget to include in your care package to one of the newest mothers on planet earth? Trying to figure out what she would need on a daily basis at this time? Here are some thoughtful ideas:

  1. Neck Massager
  2. Cabbage for sore nipples
  3. Baby wipes
  4. Pack of underwear
  5. A “Shh Baby is Asleep, Mommy is Resting” Door hanger
  6. Nipple butter
  7. Organic Bath soak
  8. Hot and Cold Gel Pack
  9. Nursing pads
  10. Maternity gowns
  11. Hand Sanitizer Lotion
  12. Nursing scarf
  13. Shower gel
  14. Bath beads
  15. Organic Aromatherapy candles
  16. BPA-free bottle water
  17. Fuzzy socks
  18. Comfortable nursing bras
  19. Moisturiser with SPF
  20. Warm nightrobe
  21. Organic Lip balm
  22. Natural Non-scented Deodorant
  23. Organic Breast pads
  24. Baby Proof Phone Case
  25. Inflatable neck pillow
  26. Dry shampoo
  27. Sleep mask
  28. Work Pump Repeat Book on Breastfeeding
  29. Cotton swabs
  30. Burp Cloths
  31. Lightweight cotton blankets
  32. Deep Breaths: The New Mom’s Handbook
  33. Organic rash cream
  34. Petroleum Jelly
  35. New Mama Bottom Spray
  36. Gel pads
  37. Fluffy slippers
  38. Colorful drinking straws
  39. Comfortable bralette
  40. Hand-held back massager
  41. New Mom Journal
  42. Ibuprofen
  43. Flushable wipes
  44. Lip moisturizer
  45. Milk pumper
  46. Massage bars
  47. Cozy pajamas
  48. Bio-Oil
  49. Milk Of Magnesia
  50. Nursing Shawl

Edibles for New Mom Care Package

Edibles for New Mom Care Package

Remember, the restriction has been lifted on a number of things she that irritated her during pregnancy. Here are some great food choices for her Care Package:

  1. Oat bar
  2. Canned chicken
  3. Rice cakes
  4. Dried fruit
  5. Homemade Brownies
  6. Chewy Fruit & Nut Bar
  7. Caramel cookie bites
  8. Dark chocolate
  9. Cheese
  10. Cod liver oil
  11. Lactation Tea
  12. Bran Muffins
  13. Pretzels
  14. Granola bars
  15. Avocado
  16. Bottle of milk
  17. Tuna
  18. Honey
  19. Blackberry Scones
  20. Banana bread
  21. Unsweetened yogurt
  22. Enzyme-Rich Larabars
  23. Canned beef
  24. Pasta
  25. Chocolate Chips Lactation Cookies
  26. Crackers
  27. Cucumber sticks
  28. Apple Cider Vinegar
  29. Grapes
  30. Coconut milk
  31. Blueberries
  32. Brown rice
  33. Canned veggies
  34. Garlic candy
  35. Olive oil
  36. Fruit juice
  37. Carrot sticks
  38. Flaxseeds
  39. Herbal tea bags
  40. Pack of strawberries
  41. Almonds
  42. Walnuts
  43. Chia seeds
  44. Ginger chews
  45. Bottled fruit smoothie

Wellness/Entertainment for New Mom Care Package

Entertainment for New Mom Care Packages

Every new mom deserves items to pamper her body and soul and help her get back to her normal self again as smoothly and quickly as possible. If you’re wondering what the healthiest and comforting items to get at this time of her life are, here are some options that fit into a care package:

  1. Natural body spray
  2. Momma and Me Cashmere Beanie for warmth
  3. Coffee Scrub
  4. Essential Oil Pendant
  5. Organic Herb and Spice set
  6. Diffuser
  7. Maxi Pads
  8. Organic Facial Scrub
  9. Aromatherapy shower kit
  10. Purifying Charcoal soap
  11. Arm and Legwarmer
  12. Infused Konjac Sponges
  13. Dry skin body brush
  14. Stainless steel Tea infuser ball
  15. Shea-scented cleansing oil
  16. Warm fleece slippers
  17. Lavender scented bath melt
  18. Fitness membership Gift Card
  19. Rose oil moisturizing soap
  20. Postnatal Recovery tea
  21. Lavender pillow spray
  22. Multivitamins
  23. Mini Salt Lamp
  24. Anti-aging Face Cream
  25. Baby Nasal Vacuum
  26. Pantyliners
  27. Peppermint and Lavender Headache Balm
  28. Herbal Firming Paste
  29. Foot bath
  30. Teething necklace for baby
  31. Calming Affirmation Stones
  32. Natural Stool Softners
  33. Organic Bottom Spray
  34. Bath Herbs
  35. Coconut Infused body Lotion
  36. Jogger Pants
  37. Colorful pill box
  38. Soap Petals
  39. Pain Relief Spray
  40. Energising crystals
  41. Aromatique Hand Wash
  42. Massaging body oil
  43. Organic Facemask
  44. Yoga pants
  45. Cherry Blossom hand cream
  46. Soothing Lavender Heat Pillow
  47. Cucumber eye pads
  48. Cocoa Butter Lotion
  49. Eye Gel
  50. Thermometer
  51. Spa Gift cards
  52. Bringing Up Bebe Book
  53. Motherhood Jigsaw puzzle
  54. Lightweight Kindle
  55. Amazon Echo Spot
  56. E-book Gift Card
  57. Uber Eats Gift Cards
  58. Coffee Gift Cards
  59. Amazon Echo Spot
  60. How Not To Hate Your Husband After Kids Book
  61. Mom’s Book Of Crosswords
  62. Streaming stick
  63. Adult Coloring Book on Motherhood

Miscellaneous Supplies for New Mom Care Package

gift ideas for new mom

Looking to add some random yet important items in your care box that’ll be useful to both mother and child? Here’s a list of ideas to work with that’ll cater for the needs of the new mother and her bundle of joy:

  1. Baby booties
  2. Pacifier
  3. Mother And Child necklace
  4. Nail clipper
  5. Baby sling wrap
  6. Digital Photo Frame
  7. Bath Rubber duck
  8. Baby Monitor
  9. Burp cloth
  10. Pack of Bibs
  11. Baby towel
  12. Milestone cards
  13. Blank scrapbook
  14. Hair bands
  15. Feeding bottle
  16. Baby Onesies
  17. Bibs
  18. Hand and FootPrint Makers
  19. Stuffed animal toy
  20. Waited 9 Months For This Wine Glass
  21. Photo Pendant
  22. Mini Heart shaped lightbox
  23. My First Time Enamel Pin
  24. Post-It Notes
  25. Mittens
  26. Birthstone pendant
  27. Grocery coupons
  28. Mommy and Me Floral Headband Set
  29. Nursing Top
  30. Mama Bear Mug
  31. Organic Finger Puppet
  32. Portable makeup pouch
  33. Ziploc bags
  34. Mommy and Me Heart Bracelet
  35. Baby Diapers
  36. Handmade hair bow
  37. Wooden soap dish
  38. Rattles
  39. Colorful tea bowl
  40. Cashmere scarf
  41. Amazing Woman Paperweight
  42. Crystal Candleholder
  43. My Daughter My Heart Necklace
  44. Baby book
  45. Teething bracelet

There you have it – 200+ Care Package Ideas for a New Mom to get inspiration from.

Tell us, have you ever received a New Mom Care Package? Put together one for a new mom? What were your favorite items? Let us know through the comments section!