200+ Romantic Valentine’s Day Care Package Ideas

A great time of the year to express the most sincere emotions to the special people in your life is Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect day to send out romantic and sentimental items and putting together a care package is often the first thought that comes to mind.

Sometimes, it’s hard to think of the perfect gift items to give but when you consider important factors like preferences, interests, needs and wants, it gets easier to select specific items that the receiver would actually appreciate.

Here, I’d be helping with 200+ Valentine’s Day Care Package items to consider including in your next Care box this Valentine season.

How to Make a Care Package for Valentine’s Day

  • Start by deciding on your budget. This would include purchases made for every item selected for your care box/care bag, packaging your items and having them shipped if they’re being sent overseas.
  • Care Packages on Valentine’s Day should be more about expressing feelings and so selecting only the most important items is all that is necessary to make it a memorable day.
  • If you’re sending your care package to a Valentine that’s far away from you, a post office or a shipping company could be used to get it across.
  • Important information such as shipping details, shipping regulations, and the shipping date would be communicated to you, and you would be expected to submit a valid and accurate shipping address as well as your address.
  • A list of all the items in your care box would also be requested of you and a customs form would be filled.
  • If you’re lucky to have that special person close by, you could either choose to deliver it to them yourself or have a delivery service take it to them for you.
  • Remember that your care package could be a tote bag or a regular box. This is dependent on what items you plan on sending and how your package would be delivered.
  • When sending fragile items such as glass bottles, jars, frames and any other breakable item, remember to wrap them in newspapers and place them properly in your care box.
  • Keep away your edibles from items with strong scents that could give these treats an unpleasant smell.
  • If you’d like, you can also choose to decorate your Care Package Box (which can be bought online or at post offices) with beautiful ribbons, colorful tissues, and markers.

Valentine’s Day Care Package Ideas for Boyfriend

Valentine's Day Care Package Ideas for Boyfriend

Thinking of the perfect items to include in a care package for your favorite man? If you’re short of ideas or need gift ideas that are creative and really sweet, here are some of the most popular items for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Caramel filled cupcakes
  2. Fitted briefs
  3. Crossword puzzles with secret message
  4. World’s Best Boyfriend certificate
  5. World’s Best Boyfriend Trophy
  6. Heart In Hand figurine
  7. Collar stays with secret message
  8. Red “Adorkable” Tshirt
  9. I Love you coffee mug
  10. Wallet Photo
  11. Cute red bow tie
  12. Heart pocket square
  13. Burberry Brit Perfume for Him
  14. Heart shaped hanging slate
  15. Engraved Stainless Steel Flask
  16. Hidden Message Tie
  17. Portable Shaving set
  18. Superman T-shirt
  19. Cashmere scarf with your perfume on it
  20. Letter Book for Couples
  21. Electronic gaming device
  22. Chocolate Covered Cherries
  23. Bright red sports cap
  24. Bottle of champagne
  25. Monogram Leather wallet
  26. Customized cufflinks
  27. Masculine scented candles
  28. Chocolate covered raspberries
  29. Pocket watch with a sweet message
  30. Portable Engraved Slate
  31. Personalized His and Hers Calendar
  32. Valentine’s Day Rubik’s Cube
  33. Message In A Bottle set
  34. Personalized memory jar
  35. Pick-A-Stick Sexy Truth or Dare
  36. Personalized leather wristband
  37. A cotton T-shirt with your Lipstick imprint
  38. Engraved Two Heart Pendants

Valentine’s Day Care Package Ideas for Girlfriend

valentines gift for long distance girlfriend

Wondering what that special lady in your life would love to get on a day as romantic as Valentine’s Day? Here are some ideas to pick to include in your care package and spoil the girl of your dreams with:

  1. Heart shape bracelet
  2. Sugar candies
  3. Strawberry face packs
  4. Chocolate edible body icing
  5. Photo blanket
  6. Scrapbook of favorite memories
  7. Heart headphone cord wrap
  8. Strawberry Oreo cookies
  9. Love bobby pins
  10. Valentine Chocolate Dipped Oreos
  11. To The Moon And Back Bracelet
  12. Strawberry scented lip balm
  13. Heart shaped salt lamp
  14. Flavored body shimmer
  15. Strawberry body paint
  16. Happily Ever After Wall Poster
  17. Glass love birds figurine
  18. Mini flower touch lamp
  19. Love Spell Massage Bars
  20. Customized jewelry box
  21. Key necklace
  22. Bright red bathroom robe
  23. Portable sculpted Jewelry Tree
  24. Unscented floating candles
  25. Gucci Flora Gardenia Giftset
  26. Bath salts
  27. Bright red lipstick
  28. Cute stuffed animals
  29. Strawberry scented bath bombs
  30. Heart shaped jigsaw
  31. Romance movie CDs
  32. I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seduction cards
  33. Rose Scented candles
  34. Glossy beauty highlighter
  35. Heart shaped earrings
  36. Bottle of wine
  37. Papercut Hearts
  38. Heart shaped candy
  39. Lace lingerie
  40. Phone case with hearts
  41. Heart-shaped phone ring stand
  42. Heart-shaped Milk chocolate
  43. Spa Gift Certificate
  44. Scented massage oil
  45. Pink marshmallows
  46. Spicy Dice couples game
  47. Glitter nail polish
  48. Hershey Chocolate Kisses

Valentine’s Day Care Package Ideas for Crush

gift ideas for crush

Can’t think of a better time to express your feelings to the one you’ve got a thing for than on Valentine’s Day? Here are some sweet and sentimental gift items to send in a care package and reveal your true feelings with to that special someone:

  1. Lyrical love notes
  2. Gummy bears
  3. Heartstring Art
  4. Mini Valentine’s Day Canvas
  5. Valentine Themed Glowstick
  6. Valentine bubble gum
  7. Valentine Tic Tacs
  8. Chocolate Strawberry pops
  9. Heart shaped ceramic plate
  10. Chocolate covered roses
  11. Book of Love Quotes
  12. Strawberry Pie
  13. Glow In The Dark roses
  14. Heart shaped lotion bars
  15. Personalized Tin with Biscuits
  16. Unicorn Valentine’s Day Card
  17. Mini wishing ball
  18. Mini Wood You Be Mine Notepad
  19. Scented bubble bath
  20. Prescription For Love Valentine Candy
  21. Missing piece puzzle necklace
  22. Single Velvet Rose
  23. Red knitted socks
  24. Colorful beach blanket
  25. Strawberry covered donuts
  26. Portable Cupid Figurine
  27. Heart rock print
  28. Hugs and Kisses Frame
  29. Love Tokens
  30. Heart Plush Toy
  31. Engraved Pebbles
  32. Pack of pink bleeding hearts
  33. In My Heart pillowcase
  34. Secret Message Cuff Bracelet
  35. Heart-shaped laptop stickers
  36. Heart-shaped padlock with keys
  37. Made With Love Plastic Minibags
  38. Scented shower gel
  39. Valentine Themed Tic Tac Toe
  40. Custom Conversation Heart candy
  41. Personalized chocolate bar
  42. Heart-shaped Brownies
  43. Heart-shaped Putty
  44. Bright red love seeds
  45. Soft Bedroom slippers with hearts
  46. A “10 Things I Love you About You” poster
  47. Colorful socks
  48. Romantic Fortune cookies
  49. Heart candles
  50. Valentine’s Day Strawberry muffins
  51. Valentine’s Day Felt Heart Envelope
  52. Valentine-themed watch

Valentine’s Day Care Package Ideas for College Students

valentines gift for college student

Got a “kid” in college that you’d love to remind how much you still love and care for them? Maybe a housemate or a friend you’d like to surprise on Valentine’s Day? Here are some great ideas perfect for students:

  1. Strawberry cookies
  2. Colorful Desk Lamp
  3. Colorful gift tags
  4. Heart Envelopes
  5. Heart-shaped Pasta
  6. Engraved Postcard
  7. Photo Collage Cereal Bowl
  8. Valentine’s Day Live Bingo
  9. Follow Your Heart Pocket compass
  10. The LoveBook Activity Book
  11. Valentine’s Day Recipes Book
  12. Glitter Heart magnets
  13. Heart-shaped Heat Changing Mug
  14. Phone cards to call home
  15. Monogrammed colorful spoons
  16. Voucher book
  17. Valentine’s Day mug
  18. Colorful Pop Sockets
  19. I love you Candy Jar
  20. Heart-shaped sleep mask
  21. Valentine’s Day Themed Magazines
  22. Gourmet coffee
  23. Romance movie ticket
  24. Recipe For Love Framed Print
  25. Shopping Gift certificates
  26. Heart-shaped keychain
  27. Heart-shaped stress ball
  28. Video Tape of recent events at home
  29. Open When Letters
  30. Travel map with your initials
  31. Peanut Butter Cup Hearts
  32. Pop tarts
  33. Colorful pillowcase
  34. Colorful paper clips
  35. Colorful apron with hearts
  36. Emoji stress balls
  37. Photo coasters
  38. Personalized Notepad
  39. I Miss You card
  40. Jar of sand from home
  41. Fancy pens
  42. Heart shaped glow sticks
  43. Scented glue sticks
  44. Heart-shaped bath sponge
  45. iTunes Gift Card
  46. Heart shaped pocket umbrella
  47. Heart-shaped mug
  48. We Miss You mugs
  49. Heart-shaped journals
  50. USB mixtape of favorite songs
  51. Heart folded book
  52. Heart stamps
  53. Gel stickers
  54. Portable Valentine’s Day bottles
  55. Valentine Themed scrabble
  56. Warm red sweatshirt
  57. Colorful pocket Tripod
  58. Portable heart door hangers
  59. Heart-shaped place cards
  60. Silver heart-shaped bookmark
  61. Mini Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar
  62. Glowing Heart stickers
  63. Valentine Themed Wax Seal
  64. Colorful Travel mug
  65. Heart Brooch
  66. Flowery hair bows

And there you have it – 200+ Valentine’s Day Care Package Ideas to share the love with all of the most important people in your life. What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day Care Package item to receive? We’d love to hear it through the comments section!