Is My Long Distance Partner Still In Love With Me?

Long distance relationships require trust, commitment, and patience from both parties

If you begin to feel skeptical and there is this feeling you can’t shake off about your partner’s commitment to the relationship, then it might be time to re-examine the relationship.

When the dreaded question – Is My Long Distance Partner Still In Love With Me? Pops up on your mind, Below are questions that can help assess if your long distance relationship is failing.

is my long distance lover still in love with me

1. Does He or She Still Pay Attention to Me?

Paying attention can help you understand your partner and whatever they are going through in your absence. For the next sixty seconds ask yourself, am I still paying attention to this person? Is he or she still paying attention to me?

2. What is your gut feeling about the relationship?

No matter what anyone says to you, the conviction you have in your heart will determine how your brain and mind interpret a lot of things in your distance relationship. So, What’s your heart saying? Are you confident things are going to work out?

3. Does My Partner Back Up Words With Action?

I will back home for New Year’s Eve; I will make it for your birthday, Babe I promise to be there for you at your graduation ceremony!!! Did he or she show up?  Words backed up with actions have the power to instill trust and strengthen long distance relationships. Is your partner backing up words with action?

4. Is My Partner Still Willing To Make The Long Distance Relationship Work?

Sorting out arguments and fights over the phone or through FaceTime is frustrating. Therefore, both of you must be prepared to resolve disputes rather than hold grudges. Is your partner still willing to make things work or have your partner gave up on trying?

5. Is he or she communicating less?

Communication is a vital part of long distance relationships. If both parties don’t communicate effectively, there will be no shortage of disagreements. So, how often do you talk to your partner? Are you suddenly having fewer conversations or you still talk all the time?

6. Does My Partner Appreciate The Long Distance Relationship?

Long distance relationships aren’t ideal, but no matter how you view it, someone is taking a chance with you, and you must appreciate that trust and effort. So, is your partner always complaining about how expensive it is to keep the long distance relationship going and how hard it is to stay with you?

7. Is My Partner Making Efforts To Keep Our Relationship Alive?

Long distance relationship is about sacrificing, this sacrifice includes your time, total commitment and sometimes, your social life. So would your partner would rather go out and have fun or are they ready to sacrifice and spend some time with you?

8. Are We Still Trying To Satisfy Our Sexual Urge?

Sex is a major part of most relationships, and your long distance relationship isn’t an excuse to tone down the sexiness. Do you still receive flirty texts, phone sex, and other sexual stuff? Is your partner still turned on by those sexy things you do?

9. Does The Relationship Feel Like An Obligation?

I need to say this first; long distance relationship is not an obligation to your partner. No one should feel obliged in a long distance relationship; instead, long distance relationship should be seen as a promise of your love, sincerity, and commitment to your partner. Is your partner staying in the relationship out are you just a call he/she has to take?

10. Are You Still Your Partner’s Priority?

Answering this question honestly without giving excuses for your partner may be hard for you, but you have to quit giving excuses to know if the distant relationship is working. The beauty of a successful relationship is seeing how much they care about themselves and how they bring each other first before anyone or anything. In your relationship? Are you still the priority or the last cake on the tray?

11. Is He Or She Honest With You?

The amazing thing about couples in a long distance relationship is that when information’s are distorted the other person in the relationship feels it. It is also the same for couples who see each other all the time. So how often does she or he hide information’s from you? How does this make you feel?

12. Does He/She Still Make Me Happy?

Making each other happy goes alongside with finding joy in each other even when nothing makes either of you happy when you are apart. If you are not happy, it shouldn’t be because of your partner. It should be because of the distance. So, does your partner still excite you?

13. Does Your Partner Still Make Efforts To Make You Feel Special?

Long distance shouldn’t prevent you from making your loved one feel incredibly special. Does your partner go the extra mile to make you feel like you are the only one in the world? Like attending your graduation ceremony, making it to your loved one’s burial service, sending flowers to your office, sending gifts to your doorsteps.

14. Are you Irritating your partner?

Without a doubt, long-distance relationships can become frustrating. However, no matter how bad your day is going, you should never take it out on your partner. What are the chances they are also having a bad day? When your partner is having a bad day, does your voice calm him/her down or it irritates him/her?

15. Do You Suspect He Or She Is Cheating?

Cheating is honestly a terrible and heartbreaking feeling. In long distance relationships, there is a possibility your partner has found someone else, and you wouldn’t know. However, the mind picks up on subtle hints, and once you have that gut feeling, there is a good chance you aren’t wrong. So, gun to your head, is your partner faithful?

16. Does He Or She Still See Through My Words?

It hurts to be in a distance relationship where you say things to your partner, and he or she cannot see that you are trying to pass a message across. All of a sudden, someone that used to pick up on everything has become clueless. Is this your case?

17. Does “I Love You” Still Means Something To My Partner?

At some point in distance relationships when your partner says I love you, you feel it in your heart or something just keeps saying yes he or she loves me. Do you still feel the “I love you? Are you still convinced that she or he loves you?

If you are wondering if your long distance relationship is still worth it, or if your long distance partner is cheating.

Answer the above questions truthfully, if you have more positive answers than negative answers, your long distance relationship is on the right track.

However, if you have more negative answers, it isn’t time to quit yet. Rather, it is time to knuckle down and fight to keep your relationship.

However, don’t go trying to fill an empty basket with water.

Stay strong, lovers!