200+ Romantic Care Package Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Finding the right items to include in a care package for boyfriends could be challenging.

A care package is a box of treats packed with love.

For a boyfriend, the goal is to send him a care package that will melt his heart.

But, as with any gift-giving task, the question of “what do I get him” will eventually rear its ugly head.

Rather than say something cheesy like “consider his needs, wants and preferences in putting together a care package for him, I have put together a list of over 200 brilliant Care Package Ideas for boyfriends.

Hopefully, these romantic care package ideas will help you send him a heart-melting box!

Care Package Ideas for your Boyfriend

How to Make a Care Package for Your Boyfriend

  • Determine your budget
  • Determine your boyfriend’s needs.
  • Research shipping regulations
  • Find a box
  • Buy necessities.
  • Include some treats.
  • Add some items of sentimental value.
  • Add some hand-made items
  • Include a letter
  • Pack it
  • Make the package look pretty
  • Ship your package

Care Package Ideas for a Foodie Boyfriend

In love with a food lover? One with a sugar-loving taste bud? Or maybe a healthy eater?

Here are some of the best food and snack items that would easily fit into a boyfriend’s care package:

  1. Pack of Brazil nuts
  2. Instant Coffee
  3. Fruit salad
  4. Canned Tuna
  5. Canned cooked chicken breast
  6. Instant Oat
  7. Protein Powder
  8. Canned Veggies
  9. Organic Milk
  10. Power bars
  11. Olive oil
  12. Herbal teas
  13. Dark chocolate
  14. Crackers
  15. Pretzels
  16. Barbecue sauce
  17. Unsweetened cocoa powder
  18. Pack of cherries
  19. Unsweetened yogurt
  20. Pack of brown rice
  21. White tea
  22. Bottle of chocolate milk
  23. Pack of lean pork
  24. Sausages
  25. Blueberries
  26. Beer or Soda
  27. Box of Hershey kisses
  28. Heart shaped brownies
  29. Mints
  30. Raisins
  31. Bottle of red wine
  32. Chocolate chip cookies
  33. Pears
  34. Banana chips
  35. Bagels
  36. Canned salmon
  37. Carrot sticks
  38. Spinach chips
  39. Mini Apple pies
  40. Flavored water

Care Package Ideas for a Stylish Boyfriend

Got a sophisticated gentleman in your life? One who enjoys the finer things of life? Modern and fashionable as can be? Here are some great care package ideas that would suit his taste:

  1. Cocktail kit
  2. Citrus cologne
  3. Razor set
  4. Pack of Bandanas
  5. Electric shaver
  6. Designer glasses frame
  7. Watch case
  8. Wooden tie
  9. Leather belt
  10. Hand-knitted ties
  11. Cufflinks
  12. Metal collar stays
  13. Wool scarf
  14. Beanie
  15. Shaving cream
  16. Handgloves
  17. Tie magnets
  18. Tie clip
  19. Pocket knife
  20. Post shave balm
  21. Face moisturizer
  22. Exfoliating shampoo
  23. Bow Ties
  24. Beard conditioning oil
  25. Flask for drinks
  26. Aluminum ballpoint pen
  27. Wine bottle opener
  28. Money clip
  29. Drink Coaster
  30. Two-toned sunglasses
  31. Aloe Vera facial cleanser

Care Package Ideas for a Geeky Boyfriend

In love with a nerdy soul? The kind that enjoys the silliest and weirdest things? If that description fits, your geeky lover would definitely enjoy these unique care package ideas:

  1. Puzzle books
  2. Camera lens-shaped mug
  3. Zombie magnet set
  4. Universal remote control
  5. Color lamp
  6. Wireless speaker
  7. Mp3 player
  8. Security camera
  9. Echo Dot voice controlled device
  10. Rubik’s Cube
  11. Powerbank
  12. Energy Gummi bears
  13. Game Of Thrones Minifigures
  14. Useless Box kit
  15. USB flash drive
  16. LED name batch
  17. Star Trek briefs
  18. Japanese pocket puzzles
  19. Halo illuminating belt
  20. Mini retro artworks
  21. Star Wars mug
  22. Solar powered charger
  23. Lightning charging cable
  24. Magnetic Wristband
  25. Mini robotic alarm
  26. Water powered clock
  27. Periodic table face-towel
  28. Car charger
  29. Mini-Game of Thrones Monopoly
  30. Heat changing mug
  31. MiFi

Care Package Ideas for A Sporty Boyfriend

Have a fit man in your life? One who enjoys working out and keeping as fit as can be? We’ve got some great items to include in your next care package for him:

  1. Smartphone controlled bike lock
  2. Cotton short-sleeved shirt
  3. Fitted lifting shorts
  4. Weightlifting gloves
  5. Mini protein shaker bottle
  6. Heart-rate band
  7. Mini water bottle
  8. Face cap from his favorite sports team
  9. Mini headlamp
  10. Citrus body wash
  11. Personalized golf balls/baseball
  12. Resistance Bands
  13. All-natural ointment
  14. Sunglasses
  15. Wireless Heart-rate headphones
  16. Fitness Watch
  17. Jump rope
  18. Waterproof Earbuds
  19. Bodywarmers
  20. Soft towel
  21. Self-cooling bandana
  22. Dry shampoo
  23. Medal holder
  24. Fitness Journal
  25. Fitness dice
  26. Running Armband
  27. Activity Tracker
  28. Low-cut socks
  29. Compression Tights
  30. Vibrating foam rollers

Care Package Ideas for a Stressed Boyfriend

Got a partner who’s been feeling burnt out lately? Too much pressure at work, or maybe college? We’ve got some of the most comforting items to include in your care Package for him:

  1. Masculine scented candles
  2. Spa Gift Cards
  3. Hand grip exerciser
  4. Salt soak for a relaxing bath
  5. Coffee scrub
  6. Gift card to his favorite restaurant
  7. Aloe Vera infused socks
  8. Eucalyptus scented hand cream
  9. Chocolate treats
  10. Mini magnetic balls for entertainment
  11. Sleep mask
  12. Calming pillow spray
  13. Eye pillow
  14. Portable inflatable neck pillow
  15. Stress balls
  16. A pair of Vibrating wearables
  17. Eye massager stick
  18. Porcelain “Worry stones”
  19. Head and body massager
  20. Chamomile tea
  21. Multivitamin
  22. Lavender oil
  23. Starbucks gift cards
  24. Mini heating pad
  25. Fidget hand spinner
  26. Peppermint oil for tension relief
  27. Stress-relieving soothing mask
  28. Aromatherapy cream
  29. Art therapy anti-stress coloring book
  30. Diffuser for releasing essential oils

Care Package Ideas for a Long Distance Boyfriend

Got a lover who’s far away? One you only get to see on special occasions? Here are some of the sweetest items to include in a long distance boyfriend’s care package:

  1. Toiletries
  2. A trinket
  3. Bath bombs
  4. Engraved compass
  5. Plaid handkerchief
  6. Photo frame with your picture
  7. His favorite music CD
  8. Classical movies
  9. Mini flashlight
  10. A customized pillowcase
  11. Lip chaps
  12. Your favorite lingerie
  13. An outfit with your perfume on it
  14. A poem or a cute quote expressing your feelings
  15. A scrapbook of your most recent activities
  16. Mini calendar
  17. Mini Love Map wall art
  18. Heart-shaped keychain
  19. Leather journal
  20. Dual-zone watch
  21. Hidden message leather bracelet
  22. Sunglass travel case
  23. Screwdriver set
  24. Formal socks
  25. Webcam
  26. Photo magnet
  27. Promise ring with your initials
  28. Car GPS
  29. “Open When” letters
  30. Detachable camera flash
  31. Customized phone case
  32. Scented soap
  33. Customizedbirthstone
  34. Customized monogram necklace
  35. Photo pendants of your pictures together
  36. Leather wallet
  37. Nose hair trimmer
  38. Leather tool roll
  39. Personalized bookmarks

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Now let’s hear from you, what are your favorite things to include in a care package for your boyfriend? DIY items or supplies that you could easily pick up at the mall?

Do tell us through the comments section!