153 Open When Letters Ideas and Topics for Your Special Someone

Long distance relationship lovers understand the value of having a physical item such as open when letters from your special one.

For others, it might be cheesy, but for someone whose partner is halfway around the world, reading a letter your special one wrote can make a sour day sweeter than a reunion kiss with your partner.

What is an Open When Letter?

Open When Letter Ideas

Open When Letters are letters you can give to your special someone. Each letter comes with an instruction to open and read in different situations (Open When You Miss Me, Open When You Need Cheering Up, etc. ). It can come in different designs and styles. You can be as wacky and creative as you like!

Sending Open When Letters is a sweet gesture that shows great affection and familiarity to your loved one especially when you are in a long distance relationship. Plus it is super easy and affordable! No wonder it has been such a big hit among long distance lovers.

So why not send your special someone an Open When Letter?

Open When Letter Rules

Surely, there must be some rules guiding the open when letters.

What is the point of writing these letters if your special one reads all the open when letters in one day? No Point!

As a result, the following are basic rules of open when letters:

  • No Peeking
  • Open When The Letter Applies
  • Don’t open more than one letter a week (You decide)
  • Don’t read the letters with your friends.
  • Don’t lose the letters, bring them back with you.

Open When Letters Ideas For Your Long Distance Special One

Although, open when letters are popular among lovers, but parents, best friends, and even kids can write open when letters to their long distanced loved one.

However, after the first few open when letters, you begin to lack open when topics.

To solve this annoying problem, I have compiled a list of open when ideas and themes for you and your special one to write.

Remember, a sentence is sufficient for a letter, so write from your heart, not from your head.

Stay strong!

1. Open when you receive this

“Open when you receive this” letters are perfect for anything you want to discuss, especially when your loved one does not have access to a phone.

2. Open when you are happy

Let your loved one know how glad you are to know that he/she is happy and how you are willing to do anything to keep him/her happy.

3. Open when you are sad

Remind your loved one that this too shall pass. You can remind them of something that will surely put a smile on their face.

4. Open when you want to know why I love you

Write a simple list on why you love him/her. Be specific, note down all the things you love about your loved one that he/she has never even noticed about him/herself.

5. Open when you feel like no one cares

When your special someone feels like no one cares, remind them that of course, it’s not true because you are here! Let them know that you will always be around to make sure he/she is always okay.

6. Open when you feel lonely

Even if you’re away, never let your loved one feel lonely and alone. Include fun pictures of your time together, pictures with friends and family to remind him/her that he will never be alone.

7. Open when you feel discouraged

Give your special someone a little pep talk by filling the letters with positive encouraging words. Remind him/her that you will always be there cheering them on until he/she has crossed the finish line and achieved his/her goals.

8. Open when you miss me a lot

Let your loved one know that you miss him/her too and you are counting the days of seeing him/her again. Include pictures of the two of you.

9. Open when you miss my kisses

Describe in the letter how you miss his/her kisses too and how soft his/her lips are. Include a piece of paper with your kiss mark by using heavy lipstick. You can also add a couple of Kisses chocolates and a lip shaped lollipop.

10. Open when you miss how I smell

Put in a handkerchief with a spray of your perfume or a small sample of your perfume. Don’t forget to seal them properly in a plastic bag so that it won’t lose its smell or spill over the place.

11. Open when you miss holding my hand

Send them a little DIY hand warmer using a glove of yours and a bit of rice. It is super easy, and the instructions are always available on the internet.

12. Open when you feel homesick

Send your love one a postcard from home with a sweet note saying that home is where he/she is. You can also include a hometown snack or candy.

13. Open when you miss my face

Fill this envelope with pictures of you in every angle with a cheeky note that says: “In case you miss my handsome or beautiful face.”

14. Open when you are having a great day

Show your special someone how glad you are that he/she is having a great day and how much you wish your loved one ONLY have great days because that is what he/she deserves. You can also add a few silly strings to brighten up the letter.

15. Open when you are having a bad day

Remind your sweetheart that it will get better tomorrow and that he/she should take a break to relax. Add in a calming scented candle.

16. Open when we’ve said goodbye

This letter is a little reminder that although it is a total bummer that you and your loved one have to say goodbye, for now, you will never really be too far apart because you will do whatever it takes to keep in touch and stay in each other’s lives.

17. Open when you’ve been deployed for a month

Having a loved one in the military can be tough especially deployment so cheer your sweetheart up by sending him/her a cheerful letter.

18. Open when you’ve been deployed for a week

A week deployment isn’t so bad! Lift up your loved one’s spirit up by letting him/her know how you will see him/her soon.

19. Open when you’re halfway through deployment

Celebrate the little things by sending your loved one a little trinket rejoicing the fact that he/she is halfway through his/her deployment.

20. Open when you’re last month through deployment

Write him/her a cute little “You’re only a few weeks away” note. Include a little personalized 30-day calendar with your pictures. Put in heart stickers on each passing day instead of exes.

21. Open when you’re on your way to deployment

Wish your loved one a “Bon Voyage” and lots of luck on his/her new deployment. Prepare a small going away package that includes a picture of you together, their favorite candy, and a small token they can keep with them to remind them of you and home.

22. Open when you’re on your way back from deployment

Wish your special someone a safe trip and how you can’t wait to see them soon. Send them a picture of yourself with a sign and a chauffer’s hat, letting him/her know you can’t wait to fetch them from the airport.

23. Open when you are about to go on your first mission

Being in the military can sometimes mean going on a potentially dangerous mission. So when your loved one is about to go on his/her first mission, help him/her get over the first time jitters with a letter filled with love and encouragement. Remind your special someone to trust his/her instincts and that you believe in him/her.

24. Open when you are about to go on a dangerous mission

Being in the military can sometimes mean going on missions that can potentially endanger the health and even lives of our loved one. So when he/she is about to go to one of those kinds of missions, make sure you tell your sweetheart that you got their back and will always be praying for their safety. Remind your special someone to trust his/her instincts and that to put his/her trust on a higher being.

25. Open when you need reminder of why you are there

Sometimes, when the distance gets a little too much, your loved one can need a little reminding why he/she is away in the first place. This is the time to write your sweetheart a letter reminding him/her of his/her goals and the things that inspired them to make this decision.

26. Open when you feel unattractive

List down the little physical attributes that you find attractive in your significant other like a small dimple on his/her cheeks or the curls of his/her hair. Put in a small mirror that has a note that says: “look how beautiful you are” or “you’re the apple of my eye.”

27. Open when you feel excited

Encourage his/her enthusiasm and excitement by sending your loved one a hyped up “Go get ‘em!” card.

28. Open when you need cheering up

Include pictures of cute babies and animals. It will make your loved one go “aww” and will cheer him/her up right away.

29. Open when you need a hug

Send your loved one a hug in a cup by filling the envelope with his/her favorite tea.

30. Open when you need motivation

Motivate your loved one by reminding him/her of their goals. Cut out pictures of your significant other’s face and stick them in a picture of their idol (or a person they aim to be) with a note that says: “This is you in the future so chase after your dreams!”

31. Open when you’re stressed out

Tell your special someone how sorry you are he/she is undergoing so much stress at that moment. Add in a square bubble wrap and a little stress ball for immediate stress relief!

32. Open when you don’t feel respected by your workmates

Remind your loved one to keep his/her chin up and never to lose his/her temper. Throw in some words of love and encouragement.

33. Open when you’re angry at me

In times your significant other is mad at you, send him/her a Polaroid of you wearing your most adorable sad pout and puppy dog eyes. Write “sorry” or “please forgive” on the blank space.

34. Open when I am angry at you

In cases where you are mad at your loved one, it is best to send him/her a letter reassuring him/her that just because you are upset, it doesn’t mean that you love your significant other any less.

35. Open when you feel like giving up on yourself

Remind your loved one of her strengths and talents. Let him/her know how much people look up to him/her and admire him/her.

36. Open when you feel like giving up on us

Remind him/her about all the trials and challenges that you both overcame in the relationship. Include a sweet picture of the two of you taken from the last time you saw each other or had a date.

37. Open when you are traveling alone

Give your loved one a card shaped like a boat to wish him/her well of his/her travels. Make him/her a playlist of podcasts he/she might enjoy listening to while traveling.

38. Open when you are in a strange new place

Put in quotes and anecdotes from your loved one’s favorite adventure books, movies, and games (ex. Alice in Wonderland, The Hobbit) to remind them that a new place is just another opportunity for adventure.

39. Open when you can’t sleep

Let them know you want them to have a good night’s rest. Add in chamomile tea or soothing essential oils. You can also give them a call until they fall asleep.

40. Open when you want to have fun/play a game

Get them a casual game on steam and make sure it’s co-op. Power up the voice call feature on the client and play the game by working together. Games such as Don’t Starve Together, Awesomenauts or any game you can play online with someone else will do perfectly.

41. Open when you’re worried/overthinking

Send your loved one letter reassuring him/her that things will be alright in the end. Give him/her a DVD of his/her favorite romantic comedy movie to help them get his/her mind off worrying.

42. Open when it’s your birthday

You can put in a musical birthday card where you can record your voice singing your sweetheart a happy birthday along with a sweet note and your well wishes. Don’t forget to mention how even more good looking he/she becomes as the years go by! You can also add a picture of you in a party hat and a couple (or more) deflated balloons that have sweet little birthday messages when inflated.

43. Open when it is our anniversary

This is a big one especially when you are in a long distance relationship and can’t be there to celebrate with your loved one. A long, heartfelt letter commemorating your relationship is a must. Step up your game by including a promise ring to remind him/her of your love and loyalty.

44. Open when it’s New Year’s, Eve

Send your love one a list of things you wish for the year ahead. You can mention how much more you would like to spend more quality time with your sweetheart. Don’t forget to include a party blower!

45. Open when it is New Year’s Day

Send him/her a list of your New Year’s resolution which includes promising to get rid of bad habits that usually annoy him/her.

46. Open when it is Valentine’s Day

Send your special someone a letter for the perfect Valentine’s Day. Fill the envelope with confetti hearts.

47. Open when it’s Christmas

Mix in some candy cane with your Christmas greeting

48. Open when it’s Halloween

Make sure your loved one has a SPOOKTASTIC Halloween by sending him/her a ghost or monstered theme letter peppered with candy corn and a DVD of a classic horror film.

49. Open When It’s Easter

Greet your loved one a Happy Easter by sending him/her chocolate eggs or chocolate bunnies.

50. Open When It’s St. Patrick’s Day

Send your special someone a St. Patrick’s Day card with a coupon for his favorite bar. Dress up as a cute leprechaun and show him/her and document St. Pattie’s day for them to see.

51. Open When It’s Memorial Day

If your loved one is in the service, write him/her a heartfelt letter about how much you appreciate his/her courage and love for the country. If you or your sweetheart has a grandparent who died during the war, include a picture of them to express your respect and love for that grandparent.

52. Open when it’s Veteran’s Day

Send a picture of you in a sexy military uniform, saluting your loved one for his/her service.

53. Open When It’s Independence Day

Show your patriotic side by sending your loved one an Independence Day card with matching red and white stripes. Don’t forget the silver stars!

54. Open When It’s Talk like a Pirate Day

Send your sweetheart a funny Pirate Themed letter to mark this amusing occasion, for example: “Ahoy matey! I would sail the seven seas just to see you! Argh!” Include an eye patch or a paper parrot.

55. Open When It’s Thanksgiving

Greet your loved one on Turkey Day by sending him/her a paper hand turkey. You can also use special stationaries that smell like cranberry and pumpkin spice.

56. Open when it is raining

Let him/her know how you would love to be with him/her in this cuddle weather. Add in some hot cocoa mix to make sure your sweetheart is warm and comfy.

57. Open when it is sunny

Remind your loved one to take care of him/herself while enjoying the sun by adding in sunscreen or a cute pair of sunglasses.

58. Open when it’s horrible outside

Send your special someone some sunshine when it’s horrible outside by sending him/her a picture of your garden or his/her favorite beach.

59. Open when it’s beautiful outside

Write your sweetheart a cheerful letter about going outside and enjoying the day! Ask them to take a picture.

60. Open when you are sick

Put together a first aid kit that includes cough drops, vapor rubs, and a sweet “Get Well Soon” note.

61. Open when you want to smile

Remind your loved one about a funny story that happened between the two of you and mention a couple of inside jokes to remind him/her of the fun times you are having.

62. Open when you are crying

Include a pretty handkerchief and a small teddy bear to make sure your special someone feels that she is not alone when he/she is having a difficult time.

63. Open when you need a break

Make sure your loved one is pampered despite their busy schedule by sending him/her a gift card for his/her favorite spa and massage parlor.

64. Open when you don’t feel valued by people

Let your special someone know they are valued and needed by filling the envelope with little notes and testimonials from family and close friends about how your loved one has made a difference or an impact in their lives.

65. Open when we haven’t talked in a while

Include some pretty stationaries, a pen, and stamps and encourage your special someone to write to you. Remind him/her that you are always there to listen.

66. Open when you feel stupid

Do not let your loved one be too tough on him/herself. Let your sweetheart know that he/she should not feel stupid because he/she is smart and important. List down his/her accomplishments for an instant confidence boost.

67. Open when open when you feel helpless

Send your loved one an outline or an ink stamp of your hands to let them know that he/she will always have a “helping hand” whenever he/she needs it.

68. Open when you need to make a wish

Let your loved one know that his/her wish will always be your command by sending him/her a drawing of a wishbone or a genie’s lamp for a “Will Grant 1 Wish” coupon.

69. Open when you are on your period

Put together a “period kit” which includes chocolate, painkillers, a tiny and cute warm compress to make sure that your girl is well taken care of when Aunt Flow visits.

70. Open when I am on my period

Make a funny cartoon of a “period monster” to apologize for the future mood swings brought on by your period.

71. Open when you need courage

Put in a cheeky mini bottle of your loved one’s favorite alcohol and label it liquid courage, along with your words of encouragement.

72. Open when we are fighting

This would be a perfect letter to remind you and your loved one how much you love each other and that every fight should have a resolution, in the end, to make your relationship stronger.

73. Open when you need a good laugh

List down the goofiest knock-knock jokes and silly puns you can think of! Send them videos of the funniest and best comedians that you both enjoy. Call them and make it more special by having a laugh together.

74. Open when it is the beginning of spring

Give your special someone a floral themed card with a bookmark or a frame of pressed flowers. Call a local florist and send them a bouquet of flowers.

75. Open when it is the beginning of summer

Help your loved one welcome summer by giving her a cute tropical themed card and a gift card to his/her favorite ice cream place. Include a nice picture of you in your swimsuit.

76. Open when it is the beginning of autumn

Design and write a loved on am autumn themed card stuffed with dried leaves shaped like a heart.

77. Open when it is the beginning of winter

Keep your special someone warm with a lovely letter and a scarf or gloves that you have knitted yourself.

78. Open when you feel jealous

Profess your loyalty and love for your loved one, reassuring and reminding him/her that he/she is the only apple of your eye.

79. Open when you are tempted

Being in a long-distance relationship can be tough especially when it comes to having to stay loyal and committed. Help your loved one fight temptation by sending him/her a letter of how and why you fell in love in the first place. Don’t forget to include adorable pictures of you with a cheeky caption: “This is what you will be missing.”

80. Open when you need a buddy

Sometimes being away from home can make your loved one feel isolated. Remind him/her that aside from being your significant other, he/she is also your best buddy so he/she can totally come to you for anything.

81. Open when you’re having a night out with friends

Send a note wishing them a fun night plus a few bucks for pizza or drinks. Send them a story in photos throughout the night to make them feel as if they were there.

82. Open when you are feeling naughty

This one is a little PG. Write a naughty letter about how much you miss having “private” time with your loved one. Throw in a tasteful photo of you in clothes that makes you feel sexy whether it’s a tank top, a bikini, swimming trunks, or a tight pair of jeans.

83. Open when you feel like I am needy

Write a letter apologizing if you are demanding extra attention. Let your loved one know if the time comes, that you might be having a tough time but if he/she feels overwhelmed he/she can totally call you out on it.

84. Open when you feel lost

Make a little map for you loved on by tracing your destination from his/her destination on a map and connecting it using a red thread. This will let him/her know that you will always be right where he/she needs you.

85. Open when you need some romance

Compile love poems by your special someone’s favorite poet or make a mixtape of his/her favorite love songs. Write them a letter or a poem talking about how much you love him/her.

86. Open when you want to reminisce

Make a storybook style that chronicles your relationship. Draw pictures about how you first met and the adventures you’ve had from then on.

87. Open when you want to make a random road trip

Promise to surprise your special someone with a road trip. No preparations—on any given dull day, pack a day bag and some good music. Rent a car, ride a train or a bus out of town! Just get on the road and stop to spend the day somewhere that just looks good.

88. Open when you want to take a walk along memory lane

Take out maps and mark out places that are special to you. With little notes, add a description of what happened at that place and when. You can also make them a slideshow showing photos of you guys from then and now.

89. Open When You Need to pamper yourself

Plan something that your special someone loves to do as a special treat. Get them a spa gift card for a full-on day of relaxing, take them to their favorite restaurant for a food buffet or maybe get them tickets to their favorite band or sports team. If all else fails, massages and dinner you do yourself at home will do just fine.

90. Open When You Want to Punch Someone

Take their hand, give them a hug and let them vent. Listen well and support them—letting out frustrations with words can help lessen the need to punch something. Letting out their feelings is healthy.

91.Open when you want to break up

Put in a photo puzzle of you and your loved one so he/she can put the pieces back together.

92. Open when you need to escape

Give him/her a nice book or a film that he/she can just get lost in. You can also get them access to Netflix or an audiobook/ebook service so they can pick as they need.

93. Open when you need to feel energized

Send them a positive note with a picture of their favorite athlete along with their favorite coffee or energy bar

94. Open when you are celebrating an accomplishment

Let them know how proud you are of your loved one and how you will always believe in his/her ability to succeed at anything he/she puts her mind into. Include a pin that says: “You are No. 1” or “You are the BEST.”

95. Open when you miss our friends

Collect small notes from your loved one’s best friends wishing him/her well while he/she is away.

96. Open when you are disappointed with me

Apologize for whatever shortcomings you might have and not just promise to—but actually to do better. Actions speak louder than words.

97. Open when you feel so far away

Send your loved one a pocket watch or a calendar, reminding him/her that before he/she knows it, you’ll be back in their arms.

98. Open when you need to rant

Write a letter to let him/her know that you will be there to comfort him/her plus a stationary with stamps so your special someone can send you their rants and complaints.

99. Open when you feel out of place

Remind your loved one that he/she is amazing and should feel confident anywhere. If he/she really do feel out of place, remind him/her that there is one place in the world where he/she belongs which is in your heart.

100. Open when you miss having dinner with me

Send him/her a fancy dress up Skype dinner. Grab your visa and call a local restaurant and have food delivered to your loved one’s house.

101. Open when you’re losing faith

Send him/her religious and spiritual quotes.

102. Open when you’re bored

Make your loved one a mini scavenger hunt by making him/her figure out puzzles and clues around your home or apartment. Provide little trinkets as a prize.

103. Open when you need some new tunes

Show your loved one how well you know him/her by making him/her a fun playlist with songs he/she might like.

104. Open when you need some new films

Show your loved one how well you know him/her by getting him/her a fun DVDs with films he/she might like.

105. Open when you need some new reads

Show your loved one how well you know him/her by cutting out and compiling some fun magazine articles he/she might like.

106. Open when it is my birthday

Tell him/her that all you want for your birthday is to spend it with him/her and your family and close friends. Get a local bakery to send them a cake or cupcakes to go with the note.

107. Open for no particular reason

Let your special someone know that you love them every day of the year, be it ordinary or special days.

108. Open when you feel insecure about your body

Photoshop your loved one’s pictures into a mini fashion magazine to remind the how fabulous they are!

109. Open when you miss our pet

Send purrfect photos of your pet.

110. Open when you are scared

Send him/her glow in the dark stickers to protect them from being scared. Get them a figurine of their favorite superhero that will scare their fears away.

111. Open when you feel old

Send your loved one tickets to his/her favorite amusement park or a DVD of his/her favorite cartoon to get him/her in touched with his/her inner child.

112. Open when you are not feeling appreciated

Let him/her know how much you appreciate him/her. Include a crown to let him/her know that he/she is your king or queen.

113. Open when you are having a hard time in school

Encourage your sweetheart to try harder but rest if he/she must. Include golden star stickers to let him/her know that he/she deserves an A+.

114. Open when you get high grades

Send your special someone a card filled with confetti. Include cute instructions and a card that plays silly songs when opened.

115. Open when you need inspiration

Send quotes and sayings from his/her idols and role models. Try talking them into doing a hobby they like. For example: ask them to do a photo walk in their city to show you spots they love, have them write a story for you, etc. Tailor-fit the request with what they love to do or always talked about wanting to do

116. Open when you feel like life is going too fast

Recount your firsts ( the first time you met, firs kiss, first date, etc.) with pictures. Remind your loved one that you both are where destiny wants you to be.

117. Open when you feel like time is going too slow

Send your loved one a fun letter that “predicts” the future. Let him/her how you see the future by doodling your future home or future travels.

118. Open when you feel embarrassed

Console your loved one after an embarrassing incident by sharing your own embarrassing stories and telling your sweetheart how you laugh and no longer feel bad about it.

119. Open when I annoy you

Apologize about being annoying and let him/he know you probably did not mean it. Send him/her a cut our peace sign.

120. Open when we’re both busy with work

Tell your loved one how you cannot wait to have the free time to go on a vacation with him/her. Include vacation brochures to get him/her excited.

121. Open when you are going to a party

Let your special someone know you hope he/she have fun. Put in glow bracelets.

122. Open when you are a little hungry

Give him/her a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or diner.

123. Open when you are famished

Give your loved one a gift certificate to a buffet.

124. Open when you are feeling groovy

Send him/her a groovy mixtape filled with club music you both like to dance to.

125. Open when you are feeling sleepy

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR has been a great hit all over the internet lately. It helps a lot of people relax and feel sleepy. So why not make a special ASMR video for your loved one? You can whisper and coo nice things to him/her as if you are tucking him/her to bed!

126. Open when you REALLY need me

This may be costly, but in times when your special someone really really REALLY needs you, you can put in a plane ticket or bus fare so they can come running into your loving arms.

127. Open when you are unsure of the future

Make a cootie catcher filled with positive predictions of the future to help put your loved one in a positive mood

128. Open when you are feeling grumpy

Fill the envelope with their favorite candies and chips to cheer them up.

129. Open when you need to make a decision

Encourage your loved one to trust herself and always follow his/her heart. Put in a customize coin that has the same sides that say “follow your heart,” you can use papier-mâché or have it done by a local blacksmith.

130. Open when you need to pray

Insert a little prayer card in the envelope, or if you are Catholic, you can insert a Rosary.

131. Open when you messed up at work

Tell your loved one to pick her/himself up and try again next time. Let them know you believe in him/her and that he/she will soon shine at work.

132. Open when you feel caged

Sometimes maintaining a romantic relationship can become tedious and overwhelming. Give a serious topic a light spin by sending him/her a red flag with instructions to send it to you when he/she feels caged. That way, you know when to back off a little bit.

133. Open when you’re tired from training

If you’re loved, one is in the military or someone who is going through any physical training then you might want to send him/her a letter that reminds him/her to tak the time to rest. Add in your sweetheart’s favorite massage oil.

134. Open when you’re sick of studying

Get your special someone in the right mood to study by sending him/her cute post-it notes and rainbow colored highlighters.

135. Open When You Want to Feel Something Familiar

Being in a foreign land can make your loved one crave comfort in familiar sensations so send him/her a piece of his/her favorite blanket or a piece of fabric from your clothes.

136. Open When You Want to Taste Something Familiar

Being in a foreign land can make your loved one crave comfort in familiar dishes so send him/her a recipe book of your local dishes or a packet of their favorite snack.

137. Open When You Want to Hear Something Familiar

Being in a foreign land can make your loved one crave comfort in familiar songs so send him/her a mixtape of local artists to remind him/her of home.

138. Open When You Want To Smell Something Familiar

Being in a foreign land can make your loved one crave comfort in familiar smells so send him/her a perfume of flowers that grew in their backyard.

139. Open When you Want to See Something Familiar

Being in a foreign land can make your loved one crave comfort in familiar view so send him/her an old picture of the both of you (plus your kids and pets) in your home having fun.

140. Open when you’re about to graduate

Mark this special milestone by sending your special someone a card that says congratulations with a personalized class ring or other trinkets.

141. Open When It’s A Monday

Help your loved one get rid of Monday blues by sending him/her a motivational letter about starting the week right. A funny cartoon of Garfield who is famous for “hating Mondays” will also be a cute addition to the letter.

142. Open When It’s A Friday

Celebrate the end of the week with your loved one by sending him/her a TGIF card! Since your special someone has spent the rest of the week working, Friday night is the time to treat themselves to something fun like the movies or a night out with friends.

143. Open when you feel unlucky

Cheer up your loved one by sending him/her a pressed four leaf clover for some extra luck

144. Open when you want to learn more about me

Open up to your loved one by sending him/her some facts and stories he/she might not know about you yet.

145. Open when you want to buy me a gift

A list of gifts you would love to receive from your loved one. It could be flowers, books, some things, and even favors!

146. Open when you want me to buy you a gift

Ask your loved one to fill up a paper with things he/she would love to receive from you. It could be flowers, books, some things, and even favors!

147. Open when we are finally together again

Finally, no more long distance relationship! Let him/her know how excited you are in spending more quality time together.

148. Open when we move in together

Let your partner know how excited you are in finally taking this big step and promise him/her that you will not leave your dirty clothes on the floor or your dishes in the sink!

149. Open when we are engaged

This is where you will let your loved one know why you want to spend your life loving him/her. Include a toy ring for kicks and giggles.

150. Open when we are married

You’ve made it! Congratulations! Send your husband/wife a laminated copy of your vow with your signature, so you will never forget.

151. Open when we have our first child

Let him/her know how beautiful and happy you are to be raising a child with him/her

152. Open when you miss our kids

Put in pictures, drawings, and letters from your kids!

153. Open when there is an important occasion, and you can’t be there

Let your loved one know how you wish he/she is around to take part of the occasion with your friends and family but it doesn’t matter because you understand why your special someone can’t be there. Assure them that there will always be next time and you both have forever to make even more beautiful memories.

And you are all set!

So let your creativity run wild with these Open When Letter ideas. Go the extra mile by adding little gifts, artworks, pictures, and sweet treats. It will give it that extra spice, your loved one truly deserves.

Open when Letters prove that there is no limit in finding ways to delight your special someone.