200+ Brilliant Surprises For Long Distance Loved One

For a Long Distance Relationship to survive the test of time, it becomes super important to remember that actions always speak louder than words in the eyes of that special someone. This is why putting together surprises of different kinds when you’re far away from a loved one can help rekindle dying flames and keep the love stronger as ever.

Deciding on the right surprise to express your feelings with is usually the tough part, as different factors determine what to go with. Considering things like their needs, interests, likes, as well as the type of relationship usually helps one to decide on what to go for.

If you’re looking for Ideas to execute for a family member, a friend or a romantic partner, here are some brilliant Surprise Ideas for Long Distance Relationships to start with!

How to Plan Your Surprise

long distance surprise ideas

  • Depending on the kind of surprise you plan on putting together, ensure you have all of it planned out perfectly well to avoid any unforeseen delays or disruption of plans at the last minute.
  • From booking flight tickets to buying vouchers, gift cards, and edibles, also ensure that every other individual involved in making sure the surprise occurs as planned is continuously updated with all the necessary information and instructions.
  • Also, decide on what your budget would be, which should cover paying for services, purchasing of items, shipping (if it is a physical item being sent abroad) and delivery. The total cost entirely depends on your surprise.
  • If you plan on performing an act, ensure all the necessary tools and resources needed are on standby before-hand. Remember to consider how much that special someone likes surprises to determine how far you should go with your plan.
  • If you are shipping physical items, you will be expected to fill a Customs form and give relevant details like the receiver’s address, your address and a list of all the content in your surprise package at the post office or to the online shipping company.
  • For fragile items (like glass, edibles, etc.) ensure they are well packed and kept away from anything that could contaminate them. Also remember to stuff your surprise package with newspapers if there is still space left in it, to prevent items from moving about.
  • Most importantly, whether your surprise involves you flying out to see your favorite person, sending out a package, or creating something at home, keep it creative, playful and as sweet and sincere as possible.

Surprises for Long Distance Boyfriend

surprises for long distance boyfriend

Ready to do something out of the ordinary for the most important man in your life? Trying to decide on the best approach to show him you’re willing to go the extra mile? Here are some spontaneous Ideas for him:

  1. Housecleaning service subscription
  2. Homemade banana bread
  3. Starbucks Gift Cards
  4. Best Boyfriend Ever T-shirt
  5. Best Boyfriend Mini Trophy
  6. Giant Gummy Bear
  7. I Miss Your Kisses Coffee Mug
  8. Talk Nerdy To Me Love Notes
  9. DIY Carton of kisses
  10. Heart-shaped Map
  11. Couple Pillowcases for Him
  12. I Hold You In My Heart Keychain
  13. Random Love Text Messages
  14. Reservations at his favorite restaurant
  15. DIY romantic conversation starters
  16. Countdown Chain
  17. Reasons Why I Love You PhotoBook
  18. Heart-shaped Stress balls
  19. Movie Tickets
  20. Love notes
  21. Dual Zone watch
  22. Photo magnet
  23. Message In A Bottle
  24. Photobooth pictures of yourself
  25. Mini Globe
  26. Mixtape of his favorite music
  27. Send a custom book
  28. Wooden postcard
  29. Mail him a mini you
  30. Custom Love coupon book
  31. Romantic Telegram
  32. Custom Music Box
  33. Fitness Tracker
  34. Pocket watch
  35. Customized cufflinks
  36. iTunes Gift Cards
  37. Customized Birthstone
  38. Car GPS (if he’s in a foreign country)
  39. Hidden Message Leather Bracelet
  40. Long distance Touch Lamp
  41. Welcome Home goodies basket (if he’s coming back soon)

Surprises for Long Distance Girlfriend

surprise for long distance girlfriend

Is your baby girl due for some extra special loving? Something to get her surprised, excited and emotional all at the same time? Here are some great options:

  1. Gummy worms
  2. Box of cupcakes
  3. Hershey Kisses
  4. Heart shaped Teabag
  5. Homemade Biscotti
  6. Box of heart-shaped Candy
  7. Homemade Scones
  8. Microwavable Popcorn
  9. Pink Marshmallows
  10. Pack of fresh Strawberries
  11. Heart Shaped Sunglasses
  12. Personalized Love Storybook
  13. Pack Of Chocolate Dipped Cherries
  14. Heart shaped posters
  15. Chocolate bars
  16. An envelope of Pressed Flowers
  17. Wifey badge
  18. Fruit basket
  19. Homesick candles
  20. Customized phone case
  21. His and Hers necklace
  22. Manicure and Pedicure gift card
  23. Custom Name Necklace
  24. Pack of romantic stickers
  25. Sound + Sleep system for relaxation
  26. Long Distance phone wallpapers
  27. DIY Sexy Would You Rather Questions
  28. Lavish Bath Box
  29. I Love You To The Moon and Back Sweatshirt
  30. Customized photo blanket
  31. Photo Jewelry
  32. Heart-shaped Throw pillow
  33. Custom Nameplate choker
  34. Long Distance Relationship Lightbox
  35. Personalized Romantic comic strip
  36. DIY book of their Favorite Love Quotes
  37. Monthly subscription for Flowers
  38. Gift Cards to her favorite store
  39. Mini Hourglass
  40. A hoodie with your scent
  41. Aromatherapy subscription box
  42. Confetti subscription box
  43. Hand and Foot Warmers
  44. Best Girlfriend Ever T-shirt
  45. Scented jewelry
  46. Sound-wave bracelet
  47. Audio Player with recordings from you
  48. Box of Balloons
  49. Custom calendar
  50. Best Girlfriend Certificate
  51. Large sized Teddy bear
  52. Custom puzzle
  53. Journal with lock
  54. Spa Gift cards
  55. Coordinates bracelet
  56. DIY book of Pick-up lines
  57. Open When Letters
  58. Glow In The Dark necklace
  59. Heartbeat ring
  60. Heart shaped jewelry box
  61. I Love You Insulated tumbler
  62. Custom stamps
  63. Concert tickets
  64. Surprise Trip to her

Surprises for a Long Distance Relative

surprises for long distance relative

Got a parent or a child abroad? Maybe your favorite extended family member who could use a little reminder that they’re loved and missed? Here are some Ideas to work with:

  1. Homemade cookies
  2. Cake In A Jar
  3. Heart shaped pendant
  4. Homemade smoothies
  5. Homemade Brownies
  6. Homemade Jam
  7. Grocery Gift Cards
  8. Selfie Light Case
  9. Subscription To Spoonful Of Comfort
  10. Monogrammed Lap Desk
  11. Kindle
  12. Loose leaf tea subscription box
  13. USB Drive with pictures from home
  14. Conference Video Call
  15. Roll-up Keyboard
  16. Personalized Sticky Notes
  17. Socks Subscription box
  18. Classical movie CDs
  19. Webcam
  20. An autograph book filled with signatures from home
  21. Personal Care Subscription box
  22. Glow sticks
  23. Long Distance Bracelet card
  24. Disposable cameras
  25. Heart-shaped padlock with key
  26. Stamped envelopes
  27. Personalized Contact/Address book
  28. Encouragement Note
  29. Plane tickets home
  30. Essentials Oils Subscription Box
  31. I Was Here – A Travel Journal
  32. Photo Throw Blanket of loved ones
  33. Customized Nickname T-shirt
  34. Ice-cream Subscription box
  35. Digital Video Frame

Surprises for a Long Distance Friend

surprises for long distance friend

Is your bestie far away and homesick? Maybe just missing their number one confidante and support system? If you think they’re starting to forget how much they mean to you, here are some sweet Ideas to remind them with:

  1. Homemade cheesecake
  2. Homemade Cinnamon rolls
  3. Homemade muffins
  4. Gourmet Fruit box
  5. Photo Collage bowl
  6. Fortune Cookies
  7. Face Cookies
  8. Musical Greetings Card
  9. Selfie Stick
  10. Macaroni and Cheese Best friend keychain
  11. Blank scrapbook
  12. Amazon Echo Spot
  13. Spotify Gift Cards
  14. Amazon Fire TV Stick
  15. iPad stand
  16. Friendship Bracelets
  17. Massage Gift card
  18. Diffuser Subscription Box
  19. Delivery from their favorite fast food
  20. Online Shopping Vouchers
  21. Monogram Charm bracelet
  22. DIY Book of Inside jokes
  23. Tea Tasting set
  24. Inspirational wall poster
  25. Colorful 3D card
  26. Try The World Holiday Box
  27. Promise Bracelet
  28. Personalized mouse pad
  29. Never Say Goodbye Pendant
  30. Hot Air balloon ride reservation
  31. Yoga Kit
  32. VR viewer
  33. No Matter the Distance card
  34. Heart-shaped compass
  35. Heart bookmark
  36. Perfume Subscription Box
  37. Q & A Journal
  38. Mailbox Figurine
  39. Long Distance rings
  40. Wine Club membership card
  41. Netflix Gift Cards
  42. Pictures of old memories together
  43. Box of Sunshine set
  44. Webcam light
  45. GPS watches
  46. Best Friends Poster
  47. Cocktail Kit
  48. Gemstones
  49. Two States necklace
  50. Best Friend Forever woven bracelet
  51. Book club subscription
  52. Zodiac matches
  53. Smartphone photo printer
  54. Hopebox Subscription for Inspiration
  55. Monogrammed Passport holder
  56. Matching wine glasses
  57. Send a snail mail
  58. DIY heart-shaped collage
  59. Heart-shaped hanging slate
  60. Good Friends Box Sign

Sentimental Long Distance Surprises

surprise for long distance

The greatest long-distance surprises are often sentimental. The following are great long distance surprises that will melt the heart of your long distance loved one – figuratively, not literally.

  1. Show up at the airport with a sweet airport-pickup sign (when they’re finally coming home)
  2. Get on a plane, or a train or a bus, and pay them a surprise visit.
  3. Do something they always wanted – e.g., lose some weight and surprise them with the result.

So there you go – 200+ Surprise Ideas For Long Distance Relationships to express all the most honest and beautiful feelings from the other side.

Tell us: Have you ever surprised someone you were in a long distance relationship with? What ideas did you put together? Share them with us through the comments section!