200+ Lovely Care Package Ideas For A Sick Friend

Nothing speaks of sincere love and support like putting together a thoughtful Care Package for a sick friend.

Whether you’re delivering your package directly to them or having it sent out, it shows just how important they are to you, and everyone loves to feel important.

Thinking of the right items to include in this care package that would help them feel much better is sometimes tough, but when you consider their interests, wants, needs and preferences, it becomes much easier to put together the perfect Care box.

If you’re in need of ideas, here are 200+ Care Package Ideas for a Sick Friend.

How to Make a Care Package for a Sick Friend

Care package ideas for sick friend

When you’re putting together a care package for a sick friend, it is important to take extra care in selecting your items.

  • Start by setting a budget to determine how much you would be spending on purchases, packaging, and shipping would be helpful.
  • Find out what items cannot be sent for medical reasons from the doctor in charge or your friend.
  • If you’re sending your package to a friend who is close by, it would be an even sweeter gesture to drop it off yourself.
  • For Care Package that are being shipped, after buying a care box or bag from a post office or shopping company, obtain all the necessary details such as the shipping date and shipping regulations, submit details such as your address and the receiver’s address and occasionally, a list of all the items in your package.
  • Stick to essential items and lightweight items to avoid high shipping charges.
  • Ensure the contents of your box are properly arranged, keeping away harmful substances from edibles and wrapping breakable items with newspaper for safe keeping.
  • Afterward, you can decorate your box with colorful ribbons, tissue papers, and markers, and then have it taped and ready to be sent to the receiver.

Food Care Package Ideas for a Sick Friend

food items for a hospital care package

The next most important thing after plenty of rest for a sick person is food. While it might be difficult to take down some particular edibles, here is an extensive list of popular edibles that fit in a care package for a sick friend:

  1. Homemade scone
  2. Canned Soup
  3. Pretzels
  4. Caramel Bites
  5. Energy drink mixes
  6. Home-made brownies
  7. Bottled fruit juice
  8. Crackers
  9. Candied fruit
  10. Trail mix
  11. Chocolate chip cookies
  12. Gummy bears
  13. Strawberry Muffins
  14. Pack of Coconut butter cups
  15. Honey Lavender Tea
  16. Granola bars
  17. Gourmet candy
  18. Powdered chocolate drink
  19. Bottle of Honey
  20. Flavored Green Tea
  21. Pack of cereals
  22. Bottled milk
  23. Beef Jerky
  24. Dried veggies
  25. Canned chicken breast
  26. Apple slices
  27. Mac and Cheese
  28. Instant Oatmeal
  29. Maple syrup
  30. Mustard sauce
  31. Garlic chip cookies
  32. Carrot sticks
  33. Bottled Apple Cider
  34. Canned green beans
  35. Canned corn
  36. Citrus tea
  37. Lemons
  38. Pop tarts
  39. Sunflower seeds
  40. Salsa
  41. Pure olive oil
  42. Sour cream
  43. Wheat biscuits
  44. Dried Gojiberry
  45. Chocolate chunk nut
  46. Sliced olives
  47. Vinegar flavored chips
  48. Bottled water
  49. Ginger ale
  50. Gatorade Energy drink
  51. Applesauce
  52. Ice pops
  53. Chamomile tea
  54. Gum
  55. Popsicles
  56. Pack of strawberries
  57. Nuts
  58. Dried fruits
  59. Pack of frozen cherries
  60. Rice Krispie Treats
  61. Whole Flax Seeds
  62. Natural sugar Sweetener
  63. Homemade Bottled smoothie
  64. Jelly Beans
  65. Personalized Unicorn Chocolate bar
  66. Pack of red velvet cupcakes
  67. Pudding
  68. Kool-Aid
  69. Dark chocolate covered powerberries
  70. Ginger chews
  71. Dried spices
  72. Coconut chips
  73. Wheat bread
  74. Packets of organic Brown rice
  75. Unsweetened Yogurt
  76. Cheese sticks

Personal Care Package Ideas for a Sick Friend

Personal Care Package Ideas for a Sick Friend

Personal Care items are so important when a loved one is under the weather, as even the little things help in the process of feeling a bit more comfortable. Here are a couple of personal care items to gift to a sick friend:

  1. Get Well Soon stamped spoon
  2. Warrior necklace
  3. Wooden Gathering bowl
  4. Face towels
  5. Thinking of You keychain
  6. Sweatshirt
  7. Mini Citrus Squeezer
  8. Tea Mug
  9. Warm socks
  10. Cereal bowl
  11. Warm robe
  12. Knitted gloves
  13. Mini Espresso maker
  14. Lip balm
  15. BPA-free water bottle
  16. Knitted hat
  17. Flip flops
  18. Colorful pillowcase
  19. Ribbons
  20. Hair bands
  21. Bath bombs
  22. Shower gel
  23. Eye zone massager
  24. Floating Bath lights
  25. Shower shoes
  26. Open When Letters
  27. Coaster for cups
  28. Warm blanket
  29. Chemical-free Body Lotion
  30. Silky Pyjamas
  31. Love Heart Confetti
  32. Vicks Inhaler Nasal stick
  33. Drinking straws
  34. Mouthwash
  35. Connected hearts Charm bracelet
  36. Warm sweater
  37. Knitted scarves

Wellness Care Package Ideas for a Sick Friend

Wellness Care Package Ideas for Sick Friend

It might be difficult to understand how tough a sickness might be on someone special to you, but a sweet way of showing your care and support is by including health and wellness items in a care package. Here are a couple of ideas to pick from:

  1. Cough drops
  2. Hot stones
  3. Lozenges
  4. Nasal Spray
  5. Speedy Recovery card
  6. Thermometer
  7. Sleep mask
  8. Aspirin
  9. Heat Compress pad
  10. Hand-held Head massager
  11. Vitamin C chews
  12. Sore Throat sprays
  13. Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer
  14. Medicated Facial wipes
  15. Lavender Scented candles
  16. Hand Lotion
  17. Menthol rub
  18. Get Well Soon cards
  19. Eucalyptus scented oil
  20. Enzyme scrub exfoliants
  21. Hand and Leg Warmers
  22. Personalized Detox Juice Jar
  23. Foot Scrub
  24. Head Massager
  25. Face mask
  26. Stress dolls
  27. Personalized Pocket stones
  28. Mini Humidity Monitor
  29. Smiley Face stickers
  30. Healing Crystal set
  31. Multivitamins
  32. Aromatherapy Pulse Point roller ball
  33. Sunscreen
  34. Cute pill box
  35. Ice Packs
  36. Band-Aids
  37. Aromatherapy neck wraps
  38. When Life Gives You Lemons card
  39. Pack of cotton wool
  40. Relaxation Sound Machine
  41. Lower back massager
  42. Aromatherapy bracelets
  43. Emergen-C
  44. Noise canceling headphone
  45. Body butter
  46. Face Mist
  47. Blessing rings
  48. Vicks VapoRub Ointment
  49. Green sea bath salts
  50. Portable Heatable body shawl
  51. Painkillers
  52. Dry skin moisturizer
  53. Salt lamp
  54. Sleeping pills
  55. Journal with lock
  56. Thinking Of You sympathy card

Entertainment Care Package Ideas for a Sick Friend

Entertainment Care Package Ideas for a Sick Friend

It gets boring having to lay in a hospital bed all day or remain indoors alone. This is however vital for recovery and Care Package ideas that keep boredom away are always appreciated. Here are a couple of these items:

  1. Magazine
  2. Comedy Movie CD
  3. Streaming stick
  4. Personalized Gift Coupons
  5. Netflix Gift Card
  6. Sudoku
  7. Jigsaw puzzle
  8. Extra-long cable cord
  9. Toys for kids
  10. Crayons/Coloring pencils
  11. Wireless earbuds
  12. Portable knitting kit
  13. Webcam for video calls
  14. Deck of cards
  15. Puzzle book
  16. Get Well Soon stickers
  17. Portable Bluetooth speaker
  18. Storybooks
  19. Adult coloring book
  20. Bouncy ball
  21. USB flash drive with movies
  22. Mp3 player with comforting songs
  23. Nail polish
  24. Handheld Electronic gaming device

Sentimental Care Package Ideas for a Sick Friend

Sentimental Care Package Ideas for a Sick Friend

  1. Open when letters
  2. A DIY greeting card
  3. Picture Collage of recent events
  4. Handmade letters
  5. Commisioned drawings
  6. A hand-written letter
  7. A calendar filled with your pictures together
  8. A video of well-wishers or a signed card from well-wishers

What’s your favorite item to include when you’re putting together a care package for a sick friend? What items do you appreciate getting when sick?

Let’s hear them through the comments section!