200+ Care Package Ideas For A Lady On Her Period

An excellent way to show care and love to a lady on her period; girlfriend, best friend, sister or any lady that wouldn’t mind receiving a period gift from you is by putting together a Care Package with all of her favorite things in it; this could be a PMS kit or a Period Care package.

A period care package is a box of period gifts for a lady. It could contain essential items like sanitary pads, tampons, painkillers, chocolate, herbal teas, portable heating pads, and even fun items like poems, artwork and other wacky or sweet items.

We understand that putting together a period care package could be tough, especially for guys, who are mostly clueless at that time of the month.

If you’re clueless on what to put in a period kit for a girlfriend or lady friend, this article contains over two hundred Period Care Package Ideas to help you build the perfect period gift basket.

How to Make a Period Care Package

pms gift box

  • When putting together a care package for a female on her period, never forget that the most important items should be feminine hygiene items to help her stay clean and fresh during that week.
  • Making a budget to plan how much you’d be spending on purchasing the care box item, packaging the items and having them sent or delivered would be helpful as well, as hygiene products could be quite expensive.
  • If your care package is for a female who resides close to you, having it delivered by a delivery service or hand-delivered by you are usually the two choices to pick from.
  • If your care package is to be sent overseas, this can be done with the help of a shipping company or the post office.
  • After purchasing a care box from another of these two sources, necessary information such as shipping regulations that are to be adhered to as well as the shipping date of your box would be communicated to you. You would also be required to submit information such as your address, the receiver’s address and a list of all items in your care package.
  • Ensure all your items are correctly placed in the box. Keep all edibles away from harmful substances such as Antibacterial liquids, detergents, etc. so that they do not carry unpleasant smells or taste.
  • If you like, you can also choose to decorate your care box with colorful ribbons, tissue papers, and markers before you have it dropped off to be sent.

Essential PMS Kit Items

When building a PMS care package, there are some items the recipient will expect to find in the box, these items include:

  1. Sanitary towels
  2. Hot pad
  3. Period Tracker
  4. Tampons
  5. Vitamins
  6. Tissue paper
  7. Hot compress pack
  8. Pocket calendar to track the dates
  9. Painkillers
  10. Tea: Herbal, Ginger or any other team that helps with the pain.

Treats Ideas for a Period Care Package

Period gifts for her

Having the right treats at that time of the month can be super helpful, most especially comfort foods and snacks that could help take care of cravings, hunger or serve as a sweet distraction. Here are a couple of popular edibles that females on their period can enjoy:

  1. Low fat ice-cream
  2. Dark chocolate
  3. Ginger tea
  4. Coconut chips
  5. Apple slices
  6. Homemade cookies
  7. Pack of marshmallows
  8. Chocolate-covered Pretzel
  9. Scones
  10. Energy drinks
  11. Gourmet snack bar
  12. Lemon candy
  13. Organic milk
  14. Strawberry Brownies
  15. Ginger ale
  16. Healthy sandwich
  17. Fruit juice box
  18. Jar of Nutella
  19. Pack of Blueberries
  20. Jar of Honey
  21. Unsweetened yogurt
  22. Carrot cake
  23. Pumpkin bread
  24. Bottle of Lemon juice
  25. Mints
  26. Organic Gummy bears
  27. Canned soup
  28. Instant Oatmeal
  29. Pringles Potato Chips
  30. Chocolate coated nuts
  31. Peppermint tea
  32. Granola Bar
  33. Instant Noodles
  34. Almonds
  35. Mac and Cheese
  36. Jar of Peanut Butter
  37. Pecan Pie
  38. Canned Chicken
  39. Canned Tuna
  40. Canned Veggies
  41. Pepperoni Bread
  42. Hard salami
  43. Green tea
  44. Chocolate Popcorn
  45. Fruit Jellies
  46. Raisins
  47. Apple pie
  48. Beef Jerky
  49. Protein shake
  50. Nausea-reducing lollipop

Clothing Ideas for a Period Care Package

period care package items

The right clothing can make even the most restless female feel a bit of comfort and get relaxed with her body. Here are some clothing Ideas to include in a care package when that special lady is on her period:

  1. Soft cotton t-shirt
  2. Warm blanket
  3. Cozy socks
  4. Bathroom robe
  5. Colorful mittens
  6. Dark colored Towel
  7. Warm scarves
  8. Dark colored undies
  9. Matching 2-piece lingerie
  10. Pack of cotton thongs
  11. Thick sweater
  12. Short sleeved cotton Pajamas
  13. Sweatshirts
  14. Fur bedroom slippers
  15. Silky Nightdress
  16. Warm sweatpants

Personal Item Ideas for a PMS Kit

period gifts

There are countless self-care items that a lady would appreciate at that exhausting time of the month. These items can help her feel better, perform better and take care of her appearance. Here’s an extensive list of personal up-keep items that fit in a PMS box:

  1. Packets of detergent
  2. Floss
  3. Pack of Nail polishes
  4. Makeup kit
  5. All-purpose spray cleaner
  6. Water bottle
  7. Essential Oils
  8. Face toner
  9. Pocket-sized mirror
  10. SPF body lotion
  11. Handheld facial steamer
  12. Pack of Eyebrow Razors
  13. Insulated Tumbler
  14. Nail clipper
  15. Breathe spray
  16. Face soap
  17. Waxing kit
  18. Compressed Facial Sponge to reduce oil
  19. Citrus scented Deodorants
  20. Aromatherapy bath bombs
  21. Exfoliating Lip Scrub
  22. Get Ready Guidebook for periods
  23. Shaving gel
  24. Hand Lotion
  25. Antiperspirant
  26. Lavender scented shampoo
  27. Lavender essential oil rollerball
  28. Face wipes
  29. Lip balm
  30. Mini Humidifier
  31. Hot water bottle
  32. Cucumber eye pads for relaxation
  33. Tea tree oil for acne
  34. Medicated Body Powder
  35. Nail file
  36. Disposable Gloves
  37. Large trash bags/grocery bags
  38. Bodyspray/Perfume
  39. Pressed Powder
  40. Blemish Gel
  41. Cuticle Gel
  42. Hair dyes
  43. Hand towel
  44. Tweezers
  45. Pantyliners
  46. Shower cap
  47. Bath salts
  48. Cute pouch to carry Pads and Tampons
  49. Ziploc bags
  50. Hand Sanitizer
  51. Mild face cleanser
  52. Face mud mask
  53. Hair bands
  54. Makeup remover
  55. Portable hair dryer
  56. Scented candles
  57. Massage stones
  58. Salt lamp
  59. Hand warmers
  60. Face moisturizer
  61. Massage oil
  62. Stress balls
  63. Colorful mug
  64. Hand-held tissue massager
  65. Portable cup holder
  66. Sleep mask
  67. Foot Scrub
  68. Mini stuffed pillow
  69. Silky pillowcase
  70. Mouthwash
  71. Sticky notes for reminders
  72. Cinnamon pillow spray for better sleep
  73. Open When Letters

Entertainment Items for a Period Gift Basket

letters for girlfriend on period

It’s easy for a female to want to stay in bed or remain indoors during her period because of cramps or fatigue. It is, however, easier to get bored this way. Here are some fun Care Package items to keep her occupied indoors:

  1. Comedy Movie CD
  2. Stuffed Teddy
  3. Girly magazines
  4. Netflix Gift cards
  5. Adult Coloring Books
  6. Chick flick novel
  7. Singing Greeting Card
  8. DVD player
  9. Deck of cards
  10. Blank Scrapbook to fill
  11. Power bank
  12. Extra-long Phone Cord
  13. Colorful Journal
  14. Set of silly masks
  15. Page holder for books
  16. Bluetooth speaker
  17. Wireless Earphones
  18. Selfie stick
  19. Edible Body Paint
  20. Jigsaw Puzzle
  21. Stuffed Uterus toy
  22. Workout CDs
  23. Colorful Touch Lamp
  24. Amazon Echo Spot
  25. Bouncy ball
  26. Crossword puzzles
  27. Yoga CDs
  28. Streaming stick for movies
  29. Rubik’s cube
  30. Mini Karaoke microphone
  31. Audible Gift Subscription
  32. Amazon Gift Certificate
  33. MiFi for Internet connection
  34. Spotify gift cards
  35. Edible bubble
  36. Bubble wraps
  37. Flashing wine glass
  38. Knitting Kit
  39. Brow shaping kit
  40. Pack of glitter bottles
  41. USB stick
  42. Pack of Dominoes
  43. Noise-canceling headphones
  44. Craft supplies
  45. Bottle of wine
  46. Anti-stress feather
  47. Mini Be Strong balloon
  48. Mini E-reader stand
  49. Wireless folding keyboard
  50. Whoopee cushion
  51. Flashy fidget spinner
  52. Conversation starter cards
  53. Magic Putty

And that’s our list – 200+ Care Package Ideas For females on their period.

Got Better Period Care Package ideas?

Let’s hear from you – what would you include in a Period Care Package? What are the items you would want to receive if you were getting a PMS gift basket?