200+ Thoughtful Christmas Care Package Ideas

Christmas is the perfect season to show love and appreciation.

But it comes with a big headache!

Our biggest headache during the Christmas holiday is the act of gift giving.

The idea of the perfect gift haunts us.

We begin to ponder;

What would they like?

Does this gift send the wrong message?

Is this too cheap?

Should I get them a gift card, at least, with a gift card, they can get whatever they want, right?

But then, your brain monkey asks, isn’t that lazy?

When you turn to people for help, you get generic advice like “Consider the person’s interests, age, and needs.”

But you already know this, and yet, your Christmas care package box remains empty.

We have decided to help you.

We have scoured the internet for the best Christmas care package ideas and we have gathered them here for you.

Now, you have over 200 Christmas gift ideas, so, go ahead and start filling your care package.

How to Make a Christmas Care Package

  • When sending a Christmas Care Package, it is usually smart to have it shipped out (if it’s being sent overseas) as early as possible, as packages might be delayed unexpectedly because of the holidays. If your care package includes items such as holiday decorations and gift items that should be sitting under the tree before December 25th, it makes more sense for it to arrive at its destination before then.
  • Next, decide on your budget. Prices of certain items usually increase during the holidays, and it’s a good idea to do your Christmas shopping on time.
  • After deciding on the content on your care package, you can purchase a care box from an online store or your post office, or make do with an old box.
  • You could also decorate it with colorful markers, highlighters, colorful tissue papers, and ribbons to give it an attractive look.
  • If you’re putting together the Care Package for someone who resides close to you, you can have this delivered by a delivery service or delivered by yourself.
  • For a Care Package being shipped outside the country, apart from a customs form that you would be required to fill, you would also be expected to submit specific and accurate details like the receiver’s address, your own address and a list of all the content of your box, while you would be given information such as the shipping date and shipping regulations to be abided by.
  • If your care package contains fragile items like mugs and bottles, have these wrapped in newspapers to keep them safe and stuff your box to prevent the items from moving around.
  • Keep all edibles away from items with strong scents (like perfumes, oils, etc.) so that the treats do not carry an unpleasant taste or smell.
  • Ensure that your box is taped securely and adequately before dropping it off for shipping or delivering it.

Christmas Care Package Ideas for Kids

Christmas gift ideas

Thinking of what to get the little ones for Christmas? It’s usually easier to please kids because they’re already super pumped about the holidays. Here are some great ideas that they would love to receive in a care box:

  1. Candy Cane
  2. Elf posters
  3. Santa Claus masks
  4. Santa sugar cookies
  5. Christmas themed storybooks
  6. Bottle of chocolate milk
  7. Holiday-themed beanie
  8. Knitted scarves
  9. Gingerbread House
  10. Christmas Candy
  11. Edible bubbles
  12. Silly strings
  13. Christmas themed Pillowcase
  14. Pack of Christmas themed balloons
  15. Pack of pink marshmallows
  16. Santa Claus whoopee cushion
  17. Stuffed Santa Claus
  18. Crayons light brush paint
  19. Colorful putty to mold with
  20. Customized chocolate bars
  21. Christmas Elves Collection
  22. Christmas themed night light
  23. Lego set
  24. Christmas Cartoon CD
  25. Sparkly Glue
  26. Caramel popcorn
  27. Shortbread cookies
  28. Elves and fairies figurine set
  29. Mini Reindeer figure
  30. Ice pops
  31. Sweetened yogurt
  32. Chocolate dipped strawberries
  33. Strawberry smoothies
  34. Fruit jelly
  35. Colorful socks
  36. Frosty cotton candy

Christmas Care Package Ideas for Teens

Young adults are always looking for exciting, shiny and fun stuffs when they get gifts, and it’s no different when it’s a Christmas Care Package. Here’s a list of interesting items that would fit into a care box for a teenager:

  1. Chocolate-covered Pretzel
  2. Pack of Caramel Apples
  3. Peppermint stick
  4. Bubblegum
  5. Pack of glitter pens
  6. Jewelry Magnets
  7. Handheld Electronic gaming device
  8. Hershey’s Kisses
  9. Portable Jewelry stand
  10. Red fluffy bedroom slippers
  11. Gingerbread bath bombs
  12. Knitted red bralette
  13. Candy Cane Sugar Scrub
  14. iTunes gift cards
  15. Chocolate milk mixing mug
  16. Bagels
  17. Statement necklace
  18. Colorful fidget spinner
  19. Colorful Pressed flowers
  20. Christmas knee-length stockings
  21. Honey face mask
  22. Sephora Gift cards
  23. Apple wireless earbuds
  24. Snow Globe
  25. Christmas art supplies
  26. Stuffed Elf
  27. Mini Santa Claus throw pillow
  28. Bright red lipstick
  29. Paper snowflakes
  30. Christmas themed Phone case
  31. Colorful bracelets
  32. Wireless headphones
  33. Homemade String cranberries
  34. Oreo cookies
  35. Pack of Sausages
  36. Homemade Apricot Cherry bars
  37. Portable digital camera
  38. Christmas themed Jigsaw Puzzle
  39. Olaf Frozen Ornaments
  40. Mini Bluetooth speaker

Christmas Care Package Ideas for Adults

best christmas gift ideas

Got a special grown up in your life deserving of a Christmas Care Package this jolly season? A husband, maybe even a family friend? Here’s our list of ideas to get some inspiration from:

  1. Edible Decorating sprinkles
  2. Homemade Cream Cheese-Bacon
  3. Pack of red velvet cupcakes
  4. Starbucks Gift Card
  5. Hot sauce
  6. Redcurrant Jam
  7. Peppermint
  8. Homemade Strawberry Extract
  9. Christmas-themed mini desk tray
  10. Christmas-themed card games
  11. Table-top Christmas tree
  12. Lemonade mix
  13. Apple Pie
  14. BBQ sauce
  15. Season’s Greetings card
  16. Seasoning Packets
  17. Oil diffuser
  18. Tea tree oil
  19. Bottle of wine
  20. Portable cocktail kit
  21. Yuletide Goat figurine
  22. Christmas Pajamas
  23. Citrus scented cologne
  24. Cactus Embroidery Art
  25. Wooden Swiss army knife
  26. Jewelry box
  27. Mini wreaths
  28. Italian leather gloves
  29. Portable pineapple cocktail shaker
  30. Red custom cufflinks
  31. Liquid stainless steel Flask
  32. Electric shaver
  33. New Year Agenda Journal
  34. Customized Seasons Greetings notepad
  35. Christmas-themed Desk calendar
  36. Christmas-themed Popcorn Jar
  37. Gold earrings
  38. Holiday Themed Magazines
  39. Peppermint tea
  40. Canned Ham
  41. Pistachios
  42. Protein bars
  43. BBQ sauce
  44. Eggnog
  45. Colorful cookie containers
  46. Fruitcake
  47. Packets of Cocoa Powder
  48. Merry Christmas cookie jar
  49. Christmas scented candles
  50. Christmas postcards
  51. Elf kisses stickers
  52. Christmas tree star
  53. Empty Christmas-themed scrapbook
  54. Gold ornaments
  55. Silky red tie
  56. Christmas-themed tea mug
  57. Sparkly Christmas lights
  58. Set of wine glasses
  59. Christmas-themed passport holder
  60. Santa Hat
  61. Champagne candles
  62. Mistletoe decorations
  63. Whiskey stones Giftset
  64. Christmas-themed placemat
  65. Pine-scented essential oil
  66. Hot cider
  67. Christmas-themed movies
  68. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Christmas Care Package Ideas for Elderly’s

items to include in a christmas hamper


Want to put something together for that wonderful elderly in your life to remind them they’re not left out of the fun? Here are some popular Christmas gifts for elderly people:

  1. Christmas Recipes book
  2. Biscotti
  3. Cheese cups
  4. Peanut brittle
  5. Canned veggies
  6. Homemade muffins
  7. Iced Tea
  8. Pecan Pie
  9. Pita
  10. Almonds
  11. Apple cheddar
  12. Christmas Crackers
  13. Dried fruit
  14. Cheese
  15. Nuts and Trail mixes
  16. Banana bread
  17. Photo pillowcases
  18. Framed Family photographs
  19. DIY fleece blanket
  20. Personalized Merry Christmas bracelet
  21. Christmas Nutcracker
  22. Cinnamon cookies
  23. Christmas themed Music CD
  24. Stainless Steel Herb Slicer
  25. Gnome sugar jar
  26. Personalized Christmas recipe plate
  27. Glass moose mugs
  28. Amazon Echo Spot
  29. Red woolly jumper
  30. Mini Christmas tree
  31. Kindle with e-books
  32. Customized photo frame
  33. Christmas-themed condiments box
  34. Colorful mittens
  35. Christmas-themed apron
  36. Colored cookie cutter
  37. Christmas-themed refrigerator magnets
  38. Christmas-themed cup coasters
  39. Noise-cancelling headphones
  40. Christmas-themed sleep mask
  41. Red Wool night robe
  42. Christmas-themed Tupperware
  43. Voice recording cards
  44. Christmas-themed mouse pad
  45. Christmas-themed pouch
  46. Fitness Tracker
  47. Beard hair care set
  48. Christmas-themed face towels
  49. Colorful blanket scarf
  50. Monogrammed kitchen utensils
  51. Christmas tree bookmark
  52. Christmas candle-holders
  53. Christmas Salt and Pepper shakers
  54. Strawberry Lip balm
  55. Flight tickets
  56. Mini menorah
  57. Hand warmers
  58. Christmas themed dish towel
  59. Santa Claus keychain

And there you have it – 200+ Christmas Care Package Ideas perfect for all your loved ones!

Remember, the best Christmas presents are the sweet and sentimental ones, so adding a hand-written note to your christmas care package could be the difference between a good gift and a great gift.

Tell us, what’s your favorite thing to receive in a care package during the holidays? What’s always in your Christmas care package?