200+ Useful Care Package Ideas For The Homeless

You do not need a vivid imagination to realize that being homeless is a terribly harsh feeling.

For most of us, when we have a terrible day, we return home, curl up in our bed, and cry ourselves to sleep. For a homeless person, that option doesn’t exist – it is back to the streets for them.

If you are looking for a thoughtful way to help the homeless and you feel handing out cash isn’t enough, then you should consider putting together a homeless care package and handing it out to him or her. A homeless care package is a box containing a bunch of useful items for the homeless.

But the question is – what do you put in a care package for the homeless?

How To Make A Care Package For The Homeless

useful items for the homeless

  • As always, the best place to start is by estimating how much you are willing to spend to purchase items, package the care box or bag and have it delivered. Unless you would rather have your package shipped to the homeless overseas, there are a good number of homeless people in every community and so you need not have to worry about high shipping costs.
  • To make the care package, choosing what exactly you would be sending would determine whether to use a box or a tote bag to hold your care package items. These can be bought from a store or a post office.
  • Arranging your care package items properly is also important, as food items should be kept away from detergents or other harmful solutions. If you are shipping overseas, edibles included in your care package should be properly wrapped, preferably contain preservatives and well packaged so as to get to the destination in good condition.
  • Also, you can decorate the care box or bag with colorful strings and ribbons.
  • If you would rather not do this on your own, there are a good number of charity organizations and even online stores that can also help in packaging your items for the homeless

Personal Care Package Ideas For The Homeless

Even the basic needs of humans can be out of the reach of homeless people. These are however essential necessary to live and function properly. Here are some of the most important personal care items that are always appreciated by the homeless:

  1. Hair shampoo
  2. Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  3. Bar soap
  4. Tissue paper
  5. Easy-to-use cellphones
  6. Warm blankets
  7. Baby diapers
  8. Baby powder
  9. Ointments for injuries
  10. Pack of underwears
  11. Mini Flashlight
  12. Hair Comb
  13. Face wipes
  14. Shaving stick
  15. Plastic bags
  16. Mini bag packs
  17. Deodorant
  18. Hand towels
  19. Eyeglasses case
  20. All-purpose sponges
  21. Disposable plates
  22. Mugs
  23. Medicated wipes
  24. Vaseline
  25. Sanitary Pads/Tampons
  26. Laundry detergent
  27. Reusable bottle water
  28. Pepper spray
  29. Air freshener
  30. Chapsticks
  31. Hair cream
  32. Lotion
  33. Dish soap
  34. Sunscreen
  35. Towels
  36. Stuffed animals
  37. Cotton buds
  38. Nail clippers
  39. Baby bottles
  40. Children’s toys
  41. Pacifiers for infants
  42. Mini umbrella
  43. Paper napkins
  44. Plastic spoons
  45. Food Flask
  46. Candles
  47. Candleholder
  48. Cereal bowl
  49. Combination lock

Food Care Package Ideas For The Homeless

If there’s one thing that the homeless can never get enough of, it’s good food, which is why it is always important to include edibles in your care package to them. Here are some ideas that are popularly loved and would make a great treat:

  1. Nuts
  2. Olive oil for cooking
  3. Cranberry juice
  4. Oatmeal cookies
  5. Strawberry-Lemon Marmalade
  6. Bean soup
  7. Tomato soup
  8. Rice cake
  9. Unsweetened cocoa
  10. Brown sugar
  11. Food spices and seasonings
  12. Unsweetened fruit juice
  13. Bottled chocolate milk
  14. Bunch of Bananas
  15. Homemade Apple butter
  16. Instant oatmeal
  17. Cereal bar
  18. Green tea
  19. Instant coffee
  20. Pretzels
  21. Yogurt
  22. Mac and Cheese
  23. Whole-grain mustard
  24. Crackers
  25. Tuna
  26. Spaghetti
  27. Popsicle
  28. Pasta sauce
  29. Peanut butter
  30. Powdered milk
  31. Bottle of honey
  32. Beef jerky
  33. Chicken salad
  34. Bacon bites
  35. Sweet potato chips
  36. Canned vegetable
  37. Canned sausages
  38. Box of dark chocolate
  39. Raisins
  40. Granola bars
  41. Sandwiches
  42. Brownies
  43. Pop tarts
  44. Pack of marshmallows
  45. Canned fruit
  46. Avocado
  47. Apple Sauce
  48. Protein bars
  49. Food Gift Vouchers
  50. Mini citrus juicer

Health Care Package Ideas For The Homeless

Good health should always be a priority, but getting access to standard health-care facilities or even basic supplements are usually costly. Here are some great items that would be helpful in sustaining the health of the homeless:

  1. Herbal Neck Wrap
  2. Vitamins
  3. Hand Sanitizer
  4. Dental floss
  5. Anti-itch cream
  6. Face Cleanser
  7. Moisturizing Balm
  8. Body scrub
  9. Hand cream
  10. Mini First aid kit
  11. Antifungal cream
  12. Mini water filter
  13. Painkillers
  14. Bug spray
  15. Aloe-vera gel
  16. Body wipes
  17. Hot pack compress
  18. Coconut Shea Butter Cream
  19. Dry skin brush
  20. Cinnamon aromatherapy balm
  21. Throat Lozenges
  22. Cotton swabs
  23. Sunburn relief gel
  24. Emergency Packets
  25. Hair nose trimmer
  26. Skincare set
  27. Massage oil
  28. Activity Tracker
  29. Thermometer
  30. Aromatherapy bracelet
  31. Jump rope for cardio training
  32. Arm and Legwarmers

Clothing/Coverings Care Package Ideas For The Homeless

Having clean and comfortable clothing materials is vital for survival, and there are dozens of items of clothing that are useful to the homeless in different seasons and for various purposes. Here are a couple of items to include in your care package:

  1. Beanie
  2. Pack of socks
  3. Ties
  4. Vests
  5. Camisoles
  6. Pajamas
  7. Warm robes
  8. Nightgown
  9. Shawls
  10. Sweaters
  11. Handkerchiefs
  12. Gloves
  13. Waterproof sacks
  14. Blankets
  15. Coats
  16. Denims
  17. Briefs
  18. Face cap
  19. Belt
  20. Bandana
  21. Leggings
  22. Scarves
  23. Hairnets
  24. Shower caps
  25. Hats
  26. Sneakers
  27. Raincoats
  28. Sweatpants
  29. Flip-flops
  30. Hoodie
  31. Bedsheets
  32. Tshirts

Miscellaneous Care Package Ideas For The Homeless

There are certain items that serve as a great help in carrying out random daily activities or just perform more productively. Here are a couple of ideas for the homeless to help solve basic problems and live happier lives:

  1. An encouraging note
  2. Notebooks
  3. Stationery set
  4. Inspirational books
  5. Mouse Trap
  6. Craft Supplies
  7. Sunglasses
  8. All-purpose tool
  9. Coloring books for kids
  10. A journal
  11. “Open When” letters
  12. Motivational posters
  13. Prompt cards
  14. Bouncy ball
  15. Bucket list journal
  16. Agenda Planner note
  17. Knitting set
  18. Storybooks
  19. “Never give up” quote necklace
  20. “Stronger Than You Know” Pen & Paper set
  21. Brain puzzles
  22. Colorful Blessings Cards
  23. Batteries
  24. Stamps
  25. Bus pass
  26. Can opener
  27. Deck of cards
  28. Figurines
  29. Keychain
  30. Mini sewing kit
  31. Pocket knife
  32. Prepaid phone cards
  33. Hair bands
  34. Headlamps
  35. Whistle
  36. Old radio
  37. Compass
  38. Shoe polish
  39. Rubik’s Cube
  40. Play dough for kids
  41. Wallet

Let’s hear from you now – what are your favorite things to include in your care package to the homeless? What items do you think would be best to avoid?

Tell us through the comments section!