200+ Brilliant Halloween Care Package Ideas

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the most exciting holidays in the year, and it is the only time you can send a Halloween Care Package to a loved one without coming across as a weirdo.

A Halloween care package is a box with all the necessities to make it a memorable Halloween.

As mentioned earlier, Halloween is fun alright, but you know what isn’t fun? Putting together a Halloween care package. You have to decide on the items to include, the things to leave out, and of course, you have to ship the box as well.

In this article, you are going to learn how to put together an excellent Halloween package. Also, to help you fill your box quicker, we are going to share a ton of wonderful Halloween care package ideas with you.

How to Make a Halloween Care Package

Halloween Care Package Ideas

  • Just like when you’re putting together a care box for certain holidays with specific dates, (like Christmas, Valentine’s Day etc), it is best to have them sent out before the holiday so that it gets to its destination on time, most especially if decorations and costumes are included in the package, and to avoid any unforeseen delay.
  • Next, decide on how much you’d be spending on purchasing each item you plan on including in your box, packaging (including buying a care box if you’d rather not use an old box at home) and shipping your package (if it’s going overseas).
  • There are a good number of Halloween themed sites on the internet to get supplies, and you can choose to obtain a Care Package box from your post office or a shipping company.
  • Ensure all fragile items are carefully wrapped with newspapers and your box is stuffed to keep items from shifting around.
  • Edibles should also be kept as far away as possible for other items that could give them an unpleasant scent or taste.
  • Also, you can decorate your box with orange and black markers, ribbons and even colorful tissue papers to give it an attractive look. Also, remember to tape your box securely before dropping it off for delivery.
  • If you’re sending your care package to someone who resides close to you, you can have it sent out through a local delivery service or drop it off yourself.
  • When shipping overseas, you would be expected to fill a customs form and also submit information such as the receiver’s address, your personal address as well as a list of all the content in your box.
  • Shipping regulations are expected to be abided to at all times.

Essentials for Halloween Care Package

Trying to decide on the most important items to include in this year’s Halloween Care Package? Want to shop for only the best and most essential that’ll kick-start the Halloween spirit? Here are some exciting Ideas to start with:

  1. Witch Candy bowl
  2. Mini Halloween “Boo!” Arrow sign
  3. Pumpkin Patch Garden flag
  4. Trick-or-Treat mini beverage tub
  5. I’ve Got My Eyes On You mug
  6. Halloween themed Chocolate Bar Covers
  7. Yarn for fake spiderweb
  8. Mini light-up Ghost
  9. Pumpkin carving kit
  10. Halloween Is A Season Tshirt
  11. Happy Halloween card
  12. Eyeball ice-cubes
  13. Chatter Teeth
  14. Red-eye Teddy bear
  15. Spooky movies
  16. Monster Tattoo stickers
  17. Glow-In-The-Dark mini Pumpkin
  18. Monster Party Cups
  19. Peek-A-Boo Top
  20. Giant plastic fist
  21. Neighbourhood Zombie Watch Poster
  22. CD of spooky soundtracks
  23. Magnetic spiders
  24. Black bath bombs
  25. Zombie Cookie Cutter
  26. Pumpkin candle holders
  27. Natural face paint kit
  28. Black candles
  29. Halloween Voice Changer
  30. Halloween Coloring Book
  31. Pumpkin place cards
  32. Pumpkin outline path lights
  33. Trick or Treat Halloween stickers
  34. “Spell Book” Covers
  35. Halloween party invitation cards
  36. Halloween Party Crackers
  37. Halloween Pumpkin keychain
  38. It’s All About The Candy poster
  39. Inflatable black balloons
  40. Creepy doll
  41. Skeleton Figurine
  42. Halloween-themed glow sticks
  43. Halloween-themed paper plates
  44. Fake blood bottle
  45. Mini Glass Skull bottle

Treats for Halloween Care Package

Ready to spice up this Halloween with unique and great tasting treats perfect for the holiday? If you’re looking for some of the yummiest Ideas to gift out, here are a couple of our favorite:

  1. Fall-themed Gourmet Berries
  2. Chocolate covered Strawberries
  3. Pumpkin muffins
  4. Halloween-themed Candy stash
  5. Black lollipop
  6. Cheese Crackers
  7. Candy Corn
  8. Halloween cheese balls
  9. Halloween Edition Oreos
  10. M&M’s chocolate
  11. Oatmeal-Butterscotch cookies
  12. Flavored worm snacks
  13. Eyeball Bubble Gum
  14. Pepper beef jerky
  15. Peanut Butter Eyeballs
  16. Pumpkin Cake
  17. Sweet and Sour candy
  18. Cheetos
  19. Black jelly beans
  20. Slim Jim snack sticks
  21. Spider Web cotton candy
  22. Gummy Eyes Halloween Candy
  23. Peppermint candies
  24. Gummy sharks candies
  25. Skull chocolate
  26. Halloween sugar cookies
  27. Jelly-filled Chocolate bars
  28. Pumpkin seeds
  29. Halloween S’mores
  30. Chocolate dipped Caramel Apples
  31. Velvet cupcakes
  32. Sugared black marshmallows
  33. Chocolate-covered Pretzel
  34. Black sugar doughnuts
  35. Pumpkin soda
  36. Canned Pumpkin soup
  37. Halloween-themed powdered hot chocolate
  38. DIY Gingerbread mummy cookies
  39. Dark chocolate Truffles
  40. Spooky Tortilla
  41. Black sprinkles
  42. Hot Cinnamon candies
  43. Red punch
  44. Butterscotch biscuits
  45. Nachos
  46. Black licorice
  47. Pumpkin cheesecake
  48. Apple slices
  49. Apple Cider
  50. Chocolate dipped Hotdog
  51. Homemade Meatball Mummies
  52. Pumpkin patch Brownies
  53. Bag of Unicorn Fart Cotton Candy
  54. Candy Pumpkin
  55. Chocolate cookies with fillings
  56. Cheesecake
  57. Pumpkin bread
  58. Pepper popcorn
  59. Candy filled balloon pumpkins
  60. Gummy worms
  61. Halloween-themed Oreo cookies

Clothing/Accessories for Halloween Care Package

Trying to decide on the best Halloween apparels that’ll give that frightfully delightful look to someone who’s short of costume ideas? Here’s a list of ideas to get that transformation for Halloween:

  1. Harry Potter tie
  2. Exorcist mask
  3. 60’s black scarf
  4. Pumpkin Enamel Pin
  5. Hulk hands
  6. Glow-In-The-Dark Zombie Teeth
  7. Pretty Little Pumpkin kid’s shirt
  8. Skull Pin
  9. Black Hooded Cape
  10. Assorted fake mustaches
  11. Black cream makeup
  12. Halloween Bloody Tshirt
  13. Batman Mask
  14. Black Halloween gloves
  15. Skeletal Hair clips
  16. Rubber snake
  17. Zombie Necklace
  18. Goddess Arm Cuff
  19. Spider rings
  20. Slit Wrist bracelet
  21. Elf Ears
  22. Chucky Mask
  23. Wonder woman lasso
  24. Skull and teeth necklace
  25. Black Magnifying glass
  26. Black Fishnet Pantyhose
  27. Bloody Eye-patch
  28. Inflatable Unicorn horn
  29. Black Rhinestone Whip
  30. Demon Horns With Teeth
  31. Glow-In-The-Dark outfit
  32. Black body glitter gel
  33. Dripping Blood Ghost Face Mask
  34. Evil Clown mask
  35. Lab coat
  36. Black police Badge
  37. Bulging Eyes socks
  38. Marilyn Monroe Wig
  39. Black classical beret
  40. Halloween Themed bracelets
  41. Vampire Fangs
  42. Bleeding Heart Necklace
  43. Harry Potter charm bracelet
  44. Black lipstick
  45. Grumpy old man mask
  46. Graveyard scene earrings
  47. Black fake teeth
  48. Kiddies Mickey Mouse Ears
  49. Black Phantom mask
  50. Black skull Bandana
  51. Harry Potter glasses
  52. Mini shark-biting hat
  53. Metal handcuffs

Entertainment/Miscellaneous For Halloween Care Package

Looking to include fun and eerie looking items in your care box to give someone a good scare, a helpful Halloween supply or just an exciting holiday? Here are some of the most loved Halloween-themed items to shop for:

  1. Mini Jack-O-Lantern Bear
  2. Werewolf cookie jar
  3. Halloween bubbles
  4. Halloween finger puppets
  5. Halloween stickers
  6. Halloween-themed Yoyo’s
  7. Halloween PlayDough
  8. Halloween maze puzzle
  9. Fall Placemats
  10. Halloween-themed book
  11. Skeleton shaped pillow
  12. Masquerade ornaments
  13. Giant googly eyes
  14. Zombie Ballerina Figurines
  15. Plastic Tarantula Spider
  16. Mini Lunar Color Changing Lamp
  17. Skeleton bookmark
  18. Halloween rubber ducks
  19. Mini skull stress balls
  20. Mini Bloody brain
  21. Godzilla Monsters figurine
  22. Stuffed scaredy-cat
  23. Mini Mummy Piñata
  24. Halloween Bloody shower curtain
  25. Voodoo Doll Toothpick holder
  26. Jar of Pumpkin slime
  27. Shark socks
  28. Monster Pen
  29. Spooky Skeleton Bones
  30. Colorful worms
  31. Howling Wolf Wax Seal Stamp
  32. Plastic spider confetti
  33. Boo Dough PlayDough Wrappers
  34. Halloween-themed Nail Polish
  35. Skeleton candle
  36. Temporary Talking Hands Tattoo
  37. Halloween-themed Lego set
  38. Halloween Playing cards
  39. Halloween Activity Book
  40. Pick Your Poison candy jar
  41. Trick-r-Treat Halloween Phone case
  42. Bloody syringe with red ink pen

And that’s it – 200+ Halloween Care Package Ideas perfect to spice up the holiday for family and friends. What’s your favorite item on the list to receive in a care package? What items are essential for a Halloween Care Package to you?

Let’s hear them through the comments section!