200+ Fantastic Pregnancy Care Package Ideas

Becoming a mother is a beautiful feeling, but to be honest, the prior nine months feels like hell.

Pregnancy is quite a lot to handle, and during this period, the pregnant lady needs your love and support.

An excellent way to show care to a pregnant lady, whether she is your wife, friend, colleague or old neighbor is to put together a pregnancy care package for her.

A Pregnancy Care Package is a box filled with super useful items to help a lady through pregnancy. It is a beautiful way of showing support, love, and assistance to her and the baby on the way.

However, deciding on the right items to include in a care package for a pregnant lady can be a pain in the ass.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to put together a kicking Pregnancy care package. Also, we are going to share a ton of Pregnancy Care Package Ideas to help you fill the care box.

How to Make a Care Package for a Pregnant Lady

Pregnancy Care Package Ideas

  • Before you make any purchases for a pregnant lady, start by checking with her or her partner, to find out what items she’s allowed to get and what items are off-limits for medical or personal reasons.
  • Next, draw out your budget and decide on how much you’re willing to spend on purchasing items, packaging, and shipping of your care box (if you’re sending overseas).
  • If you’d rather not use an old box, you can purchase one from online shipping companies or the post office
  • If the receiver of the Care Package resides close to you; you could decide to have it sent to her through a delivery service or delivered yourself.
  • When shipping your care package abroad, you’d be required to fill a customs form. You would also be required to submit information such as your residential address, the receiver’s address and a list of all the content of your box.
  • Shipping regulations should also be strictly adhered to.
  • Arranging the content of your box correctly would also be helpful so that edibles do not come into contact with harmful substances (like lotions, antiseptics, etc.) and ruin them.
  • If you’d like, you could decide to decorate your box with colorful markers, ribbons and tissue paper. Also, remember to tape the box properly to keep it from opening up.

Essentials for a Pregnancy Care Package

During that long period of pregnancy, certain items make the entire process a bit more comfortable and easier to deal with. Here’s a list of some of the most important that she’d appreciate getting in her Pregnancy Care Package:

  1. Belly band
  2. Flip-flops
  3. Nausea-reducing candies
  4. Colorful maternity dresses
  5. A new pair of underwear
  6. Comfortable lace lingerie
  7. All-natural nipple butter
  8. Nourishing Belly oil
  9. Parenting magazines
  10. Comfy bedroom slippers
  11. Insulated Tumbler
  12. Toiletries
  13. Baby wipes
  14. Hand Sanitizer
  15. Nursing pads
  16. Natural hand and Face Lotion
  17. Mints
  18. Mouthwash
  19. Acupressure wristbands for nausea
  20. Comfy yoga pants
  21. Mini pregnancy tracking chalkboard
  22. Comfortable Maternity shirts
  23. Maternity Robe
  24. Comfortable UGG slippers
  25. Pregnancy book
  26. Preggie Pop Drops
  27. Portable water bottle
  28. Breastfeeding milk catcher
  29. Comfortable cup bras
  30. Hot and Cold Gel Pack
  31. Comfortable pajamas
  32. Anti-stress body oil
  33. Elastic-waist pants
  34. Leg and Foot Gel
  35. Tums Ultra Assorted Berries
  36. Washable breast pads
  37. Stretch Mark Cream
  38. The Belly Book
  39. Earth Mama Organic Tea Sampler
  40. Foot Soak
  41. Morning sickness relief pregnancy tea
  42. Lavender scented shower gel
  43. Pedicure Gift Certificate
  44. Portable rolling massager
  45. Chapstick
  46. Calcium chews
  47. Drinking straws
  48. Pack of Thank You cards and stamps (for well-wishers)
  49. Sugarless gum to avoid spitting
  50. Sour candy

Edible Ideas for Pregnancy Care Package

If she’s like any other regular pregnant lady, she’d be getting cravings occasionally for some of the weirdest things. While it is important to consider what’s healthy and what’s not first, here are some popular edibles to indulge her with:

  1. Dark chocolate
  2. Bottle of Honey
  3. Yogurt
  4. Starbucks Gift Card
  5. Caramel Bites
  6. Organic Fruit Roll-ups
  7. Ginger candy
  8. Applesauce
  9. Chamomile tea
  10. Cucumber juice
  11. Soybean Milk
  12. Fruit juice
  13. Low fat Ice-cream
  14. Cheese
  15. Maple Syrup
  16. Red Raspberry leaf tea
  17. Homemade muffins
  18. Herbal Tea
  19. Lemonade Drink Mix
  20. Cocoa Powder
  21. Low-sugar drink
  22. Brownies
  23. Crackers
  24. Ginger ale
  25. Pumpkin seeds
  26. Blueberry Juice
  27. Nutella
  28. Dried fruit
  29. Protein powder
  30. Wheat biscuits
  31. Apple slices
  32. Tummy Tamer Tea
  33. Whole-grain bread
  34. Peanut butter cups
  35. Jam
  36. Caramel Apple Pops
  37. Lemon Hard candy
  38. Nuts
  39. Chocolate cookies
  40. Oat bar
  41. Organic milk
  42. Canned veggies
  43. Fruitcake
  44. Pack of Pretzels
  45. Saltine Crackers
  46. Fruit smoothies
  47. Granola bar
  48. Lemon Tea
  49. Ginger thin cookies
  50. Gift Card to her favorite restaurant

Wellness Ideas for Pregnancy Care Package

Nothing is as important as having a safe 9-months pregnancy and bringing forth a healthy baby full of life. However, the health of the mother herself is of utmost importance at this stage. Here are some thoughtful wellness supplies she’d love:

  1. Aloe Vera Facial Mask
  2. Safe Hemorrhoid-relief products
  3. Emergen-C Packets
  4. Vibrating Eye Massager
  5. Pack of Organic Prenatal Juice
  6. Compression socks
  7. Cocoa Butter Lotion
  8. Apricot Oil
  9. Stress balls
  10. Glorious Glow Facial Wash
  11. Lavender Oil
  12. Glucose Tablets
  13. Puke Bags
  14. Organic toning oil
  15. Salt lamp
  16. Peppermint foot cooling cream
  17. Foot cream
  18. Organic Bathing Herbs
  19. Organic Purified Coconut Oil
  20. Leave-In Hair Conditioning
  21. Organic Deodorant
  22. Back Massager
  23. Shea Buttercream
  24. Bath bomb rocks
  25. Oil-free Facial wipes
  26. Calendula Oil
  27. Vitamins B6
  28. Lush Magic Muscle Massage Bar
  29. Bubble bath luxury products
  30. Milk of Magnesia
  31. Tummydrops Ginger
  32. Breath Mints
  33. Skin calm balm
  34. Lemon essential oil
  35. Sephora Gift Card
  36. Manicure set
  37. Organic hand cream
  38. Prenatal Vitamin Gummies
  39. Colorful blanket
  40. All-purpose surface cleanser
  41. Neck wraps
  42. Gift card to Prenatal Yoga classes
  43. Prenatal workout DVD
  44. Nourishment tea
  45. Earth Mama Organic Pregnancy Gift Set
  46. Lavender Pillow Spray
  47. Antacids for heartburn
  48. Milestone cards
  49. Massage Gift cards
  50. Spa Gift cards
  51. White Grapefruit Lip balm
  52. Warm socks
  53. Lemon candle
  54. Organic nursing pads
  55. Almond oil
  56. Silicon eye mask
  57. Belly butter
  58. Bath salts
  59. Essential oils
  60. Aromatherapy candles
  61. Foot Scrub

Miscellaneous Ideas for Pregnancy Care Package

Thinking of including some random items that’ll have some kind of significance in the life of a pregnant woman? Here are some more ideas that should fit into a care package and actually serve a useful purpose:

  1. Parenting magazine
  2. Target Gift Cards
  3. Mum-to-be affirmation cards
  4. Belly painting kit
  5. Breastfeeding book
  6. Mama Bear Mug
  7. Eating For Two cereal bowl
  8. Netflix Gift Cards
  9. Soft stuffed animals
  10. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader
  11. Cleaning service vouchers
  12. Babysitting voucher
  13. Pregnancy Belly Stickers
  14. “Mother” custom Photo Frame
  15. Heart-shaped pendant
  16. Mama Letterboard Set
  17. Sonogram Picture Frame
  18. Coconut oil Dry shampoo
  19. Baby-bump headphones
  20. Placenta Keychain
  21. Stretchy headbands
  22. Gratitude journal
  23. Baby Names book
  24. Adult coloring book
  25. Custom photo-books
  26. Naturals Lavender Soy Candle
  27. Knitting kit
  28. World’s Greatest Mom stickers
  29. Personalized Baby Announcement Jigsaw Puzzle
  30. Congratulatory card
  31. Hair bands
  32. Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth Book
  33. Customized Mommy Jewelry
  34. Set of Nail polish
  35. We’re Having A Baby Keychain
  36. Charm bracelet
  37. The Belly Book Journal
  38. The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People
  39. Personalized Mommy Pillow Cover
  40. Love At First Sight Sonogram Frame

And that’s it – 200+ Care Package Ideas perfect for that soon-to-be mama in your life.

What’s your favorite item to include in a care package for a pregnant woman? Have you ever received a pregnancy care package? Share some of your favorite items in the comments section below!