200+ Care Package Ideas For Someone With Cancer

If you have a loved one currently dealing with Cancer, you deserve a tight hug.

Cancer doesn’t stop with the patient, it sucks the happiness from their loved ones as well.

Friends and well-wishers aren’t left out either, most times, they are willing but unable to show support in the way they want to the cancer patient.

If you are stuck in that awkward place where you don’t know what to do, you should consider putting together a chemo care package for the patient.

A care package doesn’t beat being there for the patient or helping them raise funds if needed, but thankfully, it isn’t a competition.

Love is never too much!

How to Make a Chemo Care Package

Chemo Care Package Ideas

Making a Chemo Care Package for a loved one requires extra care, unlike other types of care packages.

  • The contents of a care package to a Chemo patient might be a bit pricier than regular care packages, so the first thing you want to do is to decide how much you are willing on the care package. Remeber to factor in packaging and shipping costs.
  • Secondly, you might want to find out from the patient’s doctor what should be avoided for medical reasons.
  • In putting together your items, remember to consider the needs of your the patient. Ideally, you should avoid sad or gloomy gifts, instead, and go for colorful and interesting gifts.
  • You can also choose to decorate your package with ribbons, colored tissue or colored markers.
  • If you are shipping your care package, contact the post office or shipping company you plan on using to purchase your care box, obtain all the necessary details such as the shipping date and shipping regulations, submit details such as your address and the receiver’s address and occasionally, a list of all the items in your package.
  • If you would rather not go through the process of packaging your care package, there are online stores that make care packages for Chemo patients, such as Just Don’t Send Flowers.

Personal Chemo Care Package Ideas

Going through Chemo requires a lot of love and support. It is never an easy journey and every gesture counts in helping them feel better, one of which can be by providing some of the essentials to make them feel a bit more comfortable. Here are a couple of ideas that actually fit into a care package:

  1. Cold compress
  2. Lip balm
  3. Skin Lotion
  4. Eye Mask
  5. Hand cream
  6. Tissue
  7. Shower towel
  8. Knitted body warmer
  9. Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  10. Cocoa Butter
  11. Dry scalp treatment
  12. Calming bath oil
  13. Insulated tumbler
  14. Hand Sanitizer
  15. Medicated wipes
  16. Essential oils
  17. Arm and leg warmers
  18. Throw blanket
  19. Bathrobe
  20. Shower cap
  21. Comfortable T-shirts
  22. Disinfectant wipes
  23. Shaving stick
  24. Body wash
  25. Nail file
  26. Cotton underwear’s
  27. BPA-free water bottle
  28. Therapeutic Bath salts
  29. Natural room spray
  30. Exfoliating sponge
  31. Nail mask
  32. Sensitive hand-wash
  33. Natural body cleanser
  34. Face cleansing towels
  35. Eye Mask
  36. Earmuffs
  37. Hydrating facial spritz
  38. Colorful plasters
  39. Drinking straw
  40. Knitted mule slippers
  41. Facial skincare set
  42. Mild mint foot cream
  43. Hot water bottle
  44. Picture frame
  45. Defiant Beauty head care gift set
  46. Hand and Foot balm set
  47. Natural Face, Scalp and Body oil serum
  48. Nail and Cuticle Conditioning serum
  49. Cooling Body Mist
  50. Relaxing Pillow Spray

Chemo Care Package Ideas for a Child

Chemotherapy can be increasingly tough on a child and while it is impossible to truly understand how tough that moment is, there are certain items that can help make it easier to deal with. Here are some options to consider for a child’s care package:

  1. Handwritten notes from friends and family
  2. Mp3 Player of favorite songs
  3. Mini snake and ladder set
  4. Warm pajamas
  5. Lockable diary
  6. Mini Music box
  7. Cozy Hotties Animals
  8. Dolls
  9. Colored pencils
  10. Orange Fruit juice
  11. Cup holder
  12. Goody jar
  13. Personalized Bear Hug mug
  14. Personalized Photo Blanket of family and friends
  15. The Can’t Sleep coloring book
  16. The Hare Who Lost Her Hair book
  17. Mini Craft set
  18. Dried fruit
  19. DIY Poster kit
  20. Sticker set
  21. Mini Robots
  22. Bravery badgers
  23. Vintage Toy Planes
  24. Candy
  25. Storybooks
  26. Jar of Honey
  27. Peanut butter
  28. Hair growth kit
  29. Magic Unicorn Personalized Teacup
  30. Coloring book
  31. Teddy Bear
  32. Sudoku
  33. Warm hand gloves
  34. Cute pill box
  35. Flip-flops
  36. Fortified milk
  37. Bouncy ball
  38. Mashed potatoes
  39. Sweetened yogurt
  40. Charm bracelet
  41. Crayons
  42. All-natural Queasy drops
  43. Headbands of Hope
  44. Stationery set
  45. Comic books
  46. Heart-shaped Pendant
  47. Mini whiteboard and markers
  48. My Doodle On-Ear Headphones
  49. Custom Photo Calendar
  50. Bamboo Hat
  51. Silk pillow case
  52. Unscented wet wipes
  53. Plastic cutlery
  54. Vitamin C lollipops
  55. Lemon candy

Chemo Care Package Ideas for an Elderly

Seniors never have an easy time when sick and most especially when dealing with cancer and chemotherapy. It might be hard to encourage or cheer them up, but here are some great ideas to include in a care package to show them they’re not alone:

  1. A mini cactus
  2. “Guardian Angel” Bracelet
  3. Knitted scarves
  4. Mini ceramic kettle
  5. Customized Coupon books
  6. Small Radio
  7. Foot Soak
  8. Caffeine-free Tea
  9. Eyebrow Hair Loss Gift set
  10. Grip Aid
  11. Cancer Planner journals
  12. Neck pillow
  13. Folding Lightweight Walking sticks
  14. Sleep Therapy Machine
  15. Soup Gift set
  16. Warm socks
  17. “Stay Strong” Enamel Pin
  18. Jar opener
  19. Sleep Hat
  20. No Spill Cup and Lid
  21. Massage oil
  22. Massage Roller ball
  23. Raisins for energy
  24. Photo Collage of family and friends
  25. Ginger chews
  26. Rice based cereal
  27. Dried fruit
  28. Whole-grain Cracker
  29. Pudding treats
  30. Cotton head scarves
  31. Instant oats
  32. Canned soup
  33. Mini Pill organizer
  34. Canned vegetable
  35. Wood Charm
  36. Stress Ball
  37. Cardigan sweater
  38. Cotton wrap Kimono
  39. Knitting set
  40. Foot scrub
  41. Heated blanket
  42. Mini Cooling Relief Pillow
  43. Aches and Pains Gift set
  44. Mini stuffed pillow
  45. Mini Liquidizer for making smoothies
  46. Handmade soap

Chemo Care Package Ideas for an Adult

No matter how grown up one might be, going through Chemotherapy treatment can be a difficult process, and it is always important to show your support and love through thoughtful care Package items. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Well Wishes cards
  2. Thinking of You Charm Bracelet
  3. Magazines
  4. Survival memoirs
  5. Tupperware for food
  6. Epsom salts
  7. Adult coloring books
  8. Hot Stone
  9. Can opener
  10. Novels
  11. Long Phone charger
  12. Audible subscription
  13. Cotton berets
  14. Nuts
  15. Whole-grain bread
  16. Open When Letters
  17. Mini E-reader stand
  18. Joke books
  19. Deck of cards
  20. Crossword Puzzle books
  21. Portable Dvd Player
  22. Ear plugs for audiobooks
  23. Mini Sun Touch Lamp
  24. Defiant Beauty Nail Care set
  25. Mini Bluetooth Speakers
  26. Natural Scented candles
  27. Therapeutic Head Massager
  28. Natural Deodorant
  29. Face Ice blocks
  30. Frozen scalp cooling cap
  31. ITunes Gift card
  32. The Little Book of Mindfulness
  33. Wraparound Turban
  34. Oil Diffuser
  35. Neck Massager with Heat
  36. Natural Extra-Care Cream for Dry Skin
  37. Warm beanies
  38. Portable LED light
  39. Night shirt
  40. Lavender Wheat Wrap
  41. Brow Shaping Kit
  42. Lets Crush Cancer Card
  43. Wonder Woman Cuff
  44. Nausea-reducing lollipops
  45. Bed fleece shawl
  46. Inspirational Quotes stickers
  47. Wigs
  48. Pearls Of Hope bracelets
  49. Fruit jellies
  50. Ginger mints

Now, let’s hear from you – have you ever put together a care package for a chemotherapy patient? What would you say were their favorite things? Let us know through the comments section!