200+ Care Package Ideas For College Students

College students always have needs, and when they’re far away from home, it becomes important to remind them that they’re always in your thoughts. Sending a Care Package that contains the essentials and actually provides value is a great way to show this.

Although it could be a bit challenging to decide on the right items to fill your care package with, it is much easier than it seems,  as soon as you consider carefully what your college student usually likes or enjoys.

In this post, I’d be sharing 200+ of the most popular Care Package items that college students could always use!

How To Make A College Care Package

College Care Package Ideas

  • Begin by drawing up a budget to determine how much you have to spend on the entire process (purchasing items, packaging, and shipping). It would also be helpful to remember that the heavier your Care Package is or, the farther you have to ship it, the more expensive it would be.
  • Next, decide if you would be using the post office or a shipping company and obtain the important details such as the exact date when your package would be shipped and certain shipping regulations, such as prohibited items.
  • To make your care package, start by getting the right box. This would be determined by what you plan on sending. Care package boxes can be purchased from a post office or a shipping company’s store.
  • The next stage which involves packaging requires a lot of care. If you are sending fragile items (mugs, glass wares, frames, etc.) it is best to wrap them in newspapers to keep them safe.
  • Arrange your care package items appropriately. For example, put toiletries (soap, surface cleansers, etc.) away from food items (scones, jam, etc.). Stuff any remaining space in your box with newspapers to make sure your items don’t move around. Tape your box properly and attach the shipping address to the side of the box.
  • You can also decorate the box with colorful tissues, ribbons, and markers to give it an attractive look.
  • If you would rather not bother with the hassles of designing and packaging your care box, websites such as CarePackages.com make the whole process easier.
  • Before dropping your box off at the Post Office or the Shipping company, make sure to list the content of your box, fill a customs form if the box is going out of the country, double-check the mailing address and also include your own address.
  • For most colleges, residence halls usually have their own mailing address different from the school’s mailing address, so make sure to find out first.

College Care Package Ideas For A New School Year

College Care Package Ideas For A New School Year

Is your college student starting their freshman year? Maybe a Sophomore? It’s easy to forget some of the essentials when packing for school, so here is a couple that fit into a care package box and that your young adult would definitely appreciate:

  1. Hand towel
  2. Washcloth
  3. Shower gel
  4. Laundry detergent
  5. Fabric softener
  6. Extra tooth-brush
  7. Flip-flops
  8. Cold medicine
  9. Dry Shampoo & Conditioner
  10. Antibacterial surface cleanser
  11. Deodorant & body sprays
  12. Spray cleaner
  13. Jewelry box
  14. Toothbrush holder
  15. Mini purse
  16. Sweat-resistant Earbuds
  17. Cough drops
  18. Baby wipes
  19. Electric toothbrush
  20. Vests
  21. Shaving cream
  22. Bandages
  23. Watch Winder
  24. Notepads
  25. Folders
  26. Air fresheners
  27. Rice Krispies
  28. Whole grain crackers
  29. Walnuts
  30. Maple syrup
  31. Nutella
  32. Brown rice
  33. Baked chips
  34. Power Cords
  35. Juice boxes
  36. Pedicure and manicure set
  37. Jewelry
  38. Laptop accessory
  39. Oreos
  40. Ziplock bag
  41. Cough drops
  42. Thermometer
  43. Nail clipper
  44. Phone Cleaner and Charger
  45. Mouthwash
  46. Grocery gift cards
  47. Fabric stain remover
  48. Sugar scrubs
  49. Laundry bag
  50. Webcam for video calls

College Care Package Ideas For The Homesick

College Care Package Ideas For The Homesick

Got a college student who misses home more than anything else? That’s bound to happen occasionally. Here are a couple of items to include in your next care package to make them feel better and navigate through college life:

  1. Voice recordable cards
  2. Photo collage from home
  3. Personalized throw blanket
  4. Homemade quilts
  5. Instant Soups
  6. Homemade Scones
  7. Chocolate brownies
  8. Green tea
  9. Essential Oils Diffuser
  10. Homesick candles
  11. Long Distance Touch Lamp
  12. Digital Photo Frame
  13. Homemade banana bread
  14. Homemade cookies
  15. Menthol ointment
  16. Chicken soup
  17. Colorful hand-knitted scarves
  18. Gummy candies
  19. Colorful socks
  20. Cookbook
  21. Photos of recent family events
  22. Hand-written notes from home
  23. Graduation cap confetti
  24. Fill-in-the-blank journal
  25. Customized stamp
  26. Dual time zone wristwatch
  27. “What I Love About You By Me” book
  28. Friendship/sisterhood bracelet
  29. Compliment pencil set
  30. “Open When” letters
  31. Stuffed mini bear
  32. Mini wind chimes
  33. Photo Album
  34. Mp3 player with calming music
  35. Silky pajamas
  36. Gold love necklace
  37. DIY beaded bracelet
  38. Amazon Echo spot
  39. Monogram ring
  40. Pocket-sized Diary

College Care Package Ideas During Finals

Care Package Ideas for Stressed Girlfriend

Got a senior in college who’s got their biggest exam coming up? Or maybe even a crucial test? Here are some great ideas that would help your college student study, prepare and perform as they should:

  1. DIY Good-luck card
  2. Markers
  3. Ramen noodles
  4. Canned Tomato sauce
  5. Whole wheat pasta
  6. Homemade Biscotti
  7. Veggie Straws
  8. Flashlight
  9. Energy bars
  10. Painkillers
  11. Energy drink
  12. Instant coffee
  13. Instant Oatmeal
  14. Mug
  15. Mints
  16. Gum
  17. KitKat
  18. Oatmeal bars
  19. Mini coffee grinder
  20. Dried fruit
  21. Noise canceling headphones
  22. Sticky notes
  23. Gel pens
  24. USB drive
  25. Binders
  26. Mini stapler
  27. Pack of highlighters
  28. Countdown calendar
  29. Stationery set
  30. A pair of scissors
  31. Paper tape
  32. Power banks
  33. Extra charger cord
  34. Alarm clock
  35. Box of envelopes
  36. Ink Cartridge
  37. Pencil case
  38. Bath bombs
  39. Colored sticky mini flags
  40. Eye Masks
  41. SmartWatch

College Care Package Ideas During Holidays

College Care Package Ideas During Holidays

Is your college student stuck in school during the holidays when their favorite people should surround them? Maybe even away on their birthday? Here are some sweet Care Package Ideas to make being far from home and their loved ones less difficult:

  1. Holiday greetings card
  2. Plane tickets
  3. Pocket-sized umbrella
  4. Microwave popcorn
  5. Holiday-themed tissue box
  6. Guidebooks
  7. Colorful aprons
  8. Pumpkin bread
  9. Apple pie
  10. Chocolate covered raisins
  11. Jelly beans
  12. Powdered Cocoa
  13. Canned sausage
  14. Mini Carrot cake
  15. Portable Bluetooth speakers
  16. Passport holder
  17. Christmas tree star
  18. Plastic disposable party cups
  19. String lights
  20. Halloween candy
  21. Tiny Christmas trees
  22. Mini Menorah
  23. Party Poppers
  24. Confetti
  25. Colorful candles
  26. Balloons
  27. Heart-shaped Chocolate
  28. Colorful wall posters
  29. Holiday-themed phone case
  30. Disney’s Olaf Frozen mini-figure
  31. Christmas tree ornaments
  32. Pocket photo printer
  33. Cash

College Care Package Ideas When Stressed

College Care Package Ideas When Stressed

Is your college student having an exhausting time lately? Burnt out from all the activities and work they have to keep up with? Here are some Care Package Ideas to help them feel better while away at school:

  1. Flavored Lip balm
  2. Eye drops
  3. Massage oil
  4. Mouldable Clay
  5. Mini Frisbee
  6. Sunglasses
  7. iTunes gift cards
  8. Sketch/coloring books
  9. Magazines
  10. Netflix gift cards
  11. Calming Herbal Teas
  12. Self-stirring mug
  13. Mini tea infuser
  14. Sleep mask
  15. Scented candles
  16. Lavender scented cream
  17. Face Wash
  18. Homemade body butter
  19. Headache powder
  20. Lozenges
  21. Essential oils
  22. Mini blanket
  23. Sunscreen
  24. Mini water bottle
  25. Sports headband
  26. Gym gift card
  27. Mini rubber ball
  28. Movie tickets
  29. Vitamins
  30. Stress ball
  31. Stress-relief bubble wrap
  32. Massage gift certificate
  33. Spa bath pillow
  34. Lavender room spray
  35. Foot mask
  36. Aromatherapy Stick
  37. Honey tea bags
  38. Face moisturizer
  39. Mini board game

Now, let’s hear from you – What’s the favorite thing your college student loves to receive in their Care Package from you? Do you prefer to make your Care Package items or buy them?