200+ Helpful Finals Care Package Ideas

Nothing brings pressure like having to prepare for finals – it’s a pretty big deal in the life of any student.

For a loved one who’s got finals approaching fast, a great way to encourage and show love is by sending out a care package with all the items they would actually be in need of – first as students away from home and as students going through a stressful period.

It could occasionally be tough deciding what to include in your care package, so it’s always a good idea to consider the wants, preferences, interests, and needs of your receiver.

In this case, how do they like to study? What do they drink? What’s their comfort food? How stressed are they?

Keeping these in mind, here are 200+ of our favorite items to include in a care package for Finals!

How to Make a Care Package for Finals

Care Package for Finals

  • Before you start shopping for your items, it’s a wise idea to start by deciding what your receiver would appreciate getting while they’re trying to prepare for finals. Only the essentials should be included, as the heavier your package is, the higher you would be charged for shipping it overseas.
  • Decide on how much you are willing to spend on purchases, packaging, and shipping.
  • There is always the option of sending your package through the post office or a shipping company, depending on individual preferences. Regardless of which, details such as your shipping address, personal address and a list of the items in your care package would be requested for. Prohibited items would also be communicated to you, as well as other shipping regulations. A custom form should also be filled.
  • Depending on your selected items, your care package box could either be small or large in size. Care boxes can be obtained at post offices or online shipping stores.
  • Next, arrange all your items properly in your care box. For fragile items like mugs and jars, wrapping them in newspapers is a smart way to keep them safe.
  • Keep edibles away from harmful substances like detergents and antiseptics to avoid giving the edibles an unpleasant taste and smell. Stuff the sides of your box with newspapers to prevent your items from moving around. Tape your box securely before dropping it off, and attach the shipping address to the side. You can also choose to decorate the box with colorful ribbons and tissues.
  • If you would rather not go through the whole process of packaging a care package, online College Care Package websites like Dormify and HipKits are available.

Personal Care Package Ideas for Finals

Personal Care Package Ideas for Finals

It is too easy to forget to take good care of the body during finals. Still, that should never be an excuse. Here are some great ideas to include in your next care package that covers all the personal care essentials and more:

  1. Face Cleanser
  2. Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  3. Dental Floss
  4. Mud Mask
  5. Alarm clock
  6. Glow In The Dark Nail polish
  7. Fuzzy socks
  8. Warm hoodie
  9. Curling Iron
  10. Customized coffee mug
  11. Antiperspirant/Deodorant
  12. Mouthwash
  13. Shower gel
  14. Charm bracelets
  15. Power Banks
  16. Can opener
  17. All-purpose spray cleaner
  18. Face Towels
  19. Smartwatch
  20. Tissue Paper
  21. Nail clipper
  22. Fleece blanket
  23. Mini wallet
  24. Extension cords
  25. Warm gloves
  26. Batteries
  27. Night Robe
  28. Mini Amazon Echo
  29. Warm Pajamas
  30. Nail file
  31. Mini figurines
  32. Hair styling products
  33. Flip-flops
  34. Colorful coasters for drinks
  35. Headphones
  36. Hand Lotion
  37. Paper Towels
  38. Extra Bulbs
  39. Extra-long Phone Charger
  40. Twizzlers
  41. Hair shampoo
  42. Body butter
  43. Sunshades
  44. Body moisturizer
  45. Beanies
  46. Photo Pendant
  47. Mini Webcam
  48. Hand Sanitizer
  49. Ziploc plastic bags
  50. Headbands
  51. Cotton balls
  52. Picture Frame
  53. Disposable cups, plates, and spoons

Treats Care Package Ideas for Finals

Treats Care Package Ideas for Finals

Edibles are one of the most important items to include in your care package during finals at school. It saves precious time and money, and the receiver can focus on the most important thing – getting great results at the finals. Here are some of the most popular treats to include:

  1. M&M’s
  2. Nut snacks for energy
  3. Pistachios
  4. Dark chocolate bars
  5. Homemade vanilla syrup
  6. Herbal Tea bags
  7. Pretzels
  8. Bottle of Honey
  9. Drink Mixes
  10. Energy bars
  11. Fruit Jellies
  12. Sunflower seeds
  13. Carrot sticks
  14. Gum
  15. Bottle of Yogurt
  16. Coconut chips
  17. Pizza Gift Cards
  18. Mints
  19. Granola Bars
  20. Dried Banana Chips
  21. Jar of Nutella
  22. Ginger tea
  23. Organic Vegetable Snacks
  24. Bottle of Mustard
  25. Pistachios
  26. Crackers
  27. Banana bread
  28. Energy drinks
  29. Mini Cereal boxes
  30. Mac and Cheese
  31. Chocolate chip cookies
  32. Peanut Butter
  33. Skittles
  34. Powdered Protein shakes
  35. Dried cranberries
  36. Pack of frozen grapes
  37. Potato Chips
  38. Bottled fruit juice
  39. Apple chips
  40. Instant Coffee
  41. Trail Mix
  42. Protein bar
  43. Instant Oatmeal
  44. Microwave popcorn
  45. Beef Jerky
  46. Pack of marshmallows
  47. Homemade brownies
  48. Powdered Cocoa
  49. Ramen Noodles
  50. Dried fruits
  51. Biscotti
  52. Rice cakes
  53. Starbucks Gift Card
  54. Gift cards to restaurants

School Supplies Care Package Ideas for Finals

School Supplies Care Package Ideas for Finals
There’s no better way to show your support than including school-related supplies in your care package to help your receiver perform more efficiently at finals. Here are some great ideas with the most necessary items:

  1. White Card Stock Paper
  2. Highlighters
  3. Mini voice recorder
  4. Sharpeners
  5. A stack of blank DVDs
  6. Power strips
  7. Scrapbook paper
  8. Stamps
  9. Mini dictionary
  10. Portable World Map
  11. Combination lock
  12. Envelopes
  13. Colorful Bookmark
  14. Ethernet Cable
  15. Key ring
  16. Stapler
  17. Glue sticks
  18. Cork-board
  19. Agenda Planner Pad
  20. Index cards
  21. Amazon prime student gift card
  22. Lab goggles
  23. Printer Ink
  24. Paper clips
  25. Recommended reference books
  26. USB cables
  27. Portable Hole Punch
  28. Art supplies
  29. Portable CD burner
  30. Gel ink pens
  31. Textbook Tabs
  32. Room air freshener
  33. Sticky Notes
  34. Mini stationery bag
  35. Mini whiteboard
  36. Flash drives
  37. Portable CD player
  38. Calculator
  39. Journal
  40. Markers
  41. Safety pins
  42. Scissors
  43. Wrinkle release spray for shirts
  44. iPad Mini for studying
  45. Pack of Pencils
  46. Rollerball Pens
  47. Folders
  48. Binders
  49. Ebook reader
  50. Mini book lamp
  51. Sketchpad
  52. Pen holder
  53. Notepads
  54. Printer Papers
  55. Sticky Tape

Wellness Supplies Care Package Ideas for Finals

Wellness Supplies Care Package Ideas for Finals


With a failing health, be it physically or mentally, it would be almost impossible to perform to the best of one’s ability. It is essential to avoid a burn-out, so here are some ideas to help keep that student at the top of their game for their finals:

  1. Stress balls
  2. Stuffed animals for comfort
  3. Portable bottle water
  4. Aromatherapy Oils
  5. Diffuser
  6. CD of classical music
  7. Scented candles
  8. Mini Frisbee
  9. Bubble Maker
  10. Aromatherapy Bath Bomb
  11. Rubik’s Cube
  12. Painkillers
  13. Noise canceling headphones
  14. Yo-Yo’s
  15. Mini Manicure and Pedicure set
  16. Comic books
  17. Comedy Movie CDs
  18. Spa Gift Certificates
  19. Lavender scented pillow spray
  20. Mini Tetris Game
  21. Adult Coloring Books
  22. Yoga CD
  23. Vitamins
  24. Sugar-free Lozenges
  25. Handheld fan
  26. Travel-size board game for relaxation
  27. Tea Tree Oil
  28. Eye drops
  29. Sleep Mask
  30. Lip Balm
  31. Open When Letters
  32. Band-Aids
  33. Eucalyptus oil
  34. Handheld head massager
  35. Legwarmers
  36. Sunscreen
  37. Inspirational Quotes stickers
  38. Jump Rope
  39. Bubble wraps for stress relief

So that’s our list, 200+ of the most exciting things to send to a student during finals. Now, your turn – what are your favorite things to include in a Finals Care Package Ideas? Let’s hear them through the comments section!